Your brother is one of the most important people in your life and he has been there for you since the very beginning. It is like a blessing to have him by your side and you should express it more often. Your appreciation and gratitude for your brother can be easily expressed with greeting cards. Don’t only send him a birthday card and raksha bandhan card, but make him feel special throughout the year with your special messages. Below are some of the special messages that you can send to your brother if you relate to the message.

  • The reason for my smile ahead of every darkness. The only solution to my universal problems. The only reason to add life to “My Life”. Life is just impossible without you. Love you bro!
  • I am a strong person because my brother always motivated me and pushed me to achieve the best. He is the one who taught me that problems are solved with smiling faces.
  • When you are crying, and to hide those tears you wash your face, still he sees you and hugs you tightly, knowing that you are in pain! That’s how brothers are <3.
  • No matter how much we fight and beat each other, at the end of the day, you are always there for me and I will also be there for you always! Pinky promise bro.
  • The best thing about my brother is that he never needed to check my WhatsApp status or Instagram stories to understand my current mood rather he looks straight at my face and understands it all.
  • He is always there for me no matter how much apart we are. He taught me to become a woman with a loving and selfless heart.
  • My brother is the place where I can store my secrets. He is my punching bag and my safe place. He is the one who knows how to calm me down. Stay the same always!
  • My brother is the one who is there to handle my mood swings and is always there through my ups and downs. There are a lot more heartbreaks to come and only you can handle them xD.
  • His talk is as sweet as violin notes which we enjoy listening to uplift our mood. His care is as endless as the universe which never stops expanding.
  • A person who is always there when you seek a shoulder to cry on. A person that shares your moments of bliss. A person who loves you unconditionally. A person who shows you how life is meant to be lived. Brother!

You can pen down your own feelings and can express it to your brother from time to time. If Raksha Bandhan is around, then you can buy rakhi online and can send your wishes to him along with the rakhi and rakhi gifts. Make him feel the happiest as he leaves no stone unturned to make you feel the same.