Our 7 Ideas For An Exceptional Outdoor Patio

An outdoor patio is where most of us go to relax, taste the fresh air, and sometimes connect with nature from the comfort of our homes. To some extent, having a great patio helps beautify your home and improve its market value. With most homes having great backyards, here are some ideas to change yours into a great patio.

7 Exceptional Outdoor Patios You Should Consider

Below are our top seven picks for your outdoor patio you should try.

A Simple Black And White

This simple design is perfect for a casual outdoor patio. With a check black and white pattern palette, a beautiful potted palm tree, a transparent white shade, and a knee-height well polished wooden table, your patio can be used to entertain close friends in a game, drink, or meal. You can also decide to throw in some gray chairs to spice up the design.

A Party Patio

If you are the type that likes going to or having a party, building an outdoor party patio will be perfect for you. To fully build a party patio, a BBQ must be at the center of your plan. A mini bar, kitchen sink, refrigerator, and some decorative lights are also items you should have on your patio. Do not forget a set TV as no entertainment is complete without television.

French Design

In this idea of a patio, you get to use vintage designs and styles to give your patio a very exclusive look. Here your floor will be made of Parisian stone, and your furniture will be painted with aluminum colors. Also, to give your patio a more classy look, the vessel, which will be colored sky blue, will contain flowers of different designs and colors to help blend whatever you and your guest are wearing with the surroundings.

A Natural Design

Here, you want to keep in touch with nature as much as possible. Putting a light purple chair on a stone tiled floor, surrounded by trees, beautiful flowers, and grasses. With a peaceful patio like this, you get to have interesting conversations with friends and colleagues anytime they visit.

Circular Patio

This is a very expensive design as it involves expensive furniture. This design includes a big semi-circle sofa under a wooden designer ceiling on an epoxy floor and a small water fountain outside the shade. This type of patio is mostly built in expensive homes in southern Florida. Note ceiling fans are also installed for harsh weather conditions.

Brick Style

Here the floors and walls are made of bricks, giving the patio a dark reddish color. With the walls and floors already radiating with the beautiful color of the bricks, any type or shape of metallic dining table will fit just fine.

Driveway Design

If you have a driveway you no longer use for whatever reason, why not change it into a beautiful, nice patio. All you need to do is apply an extra layer of concrete on the floor, fix the light, and bring in two or three portable plants with a few clean ash-colored furniture. You will have yourself a great patio to relax and entertain friends.


The designs above are just a fraction of how beautiful your patio can look if you are determined to have the best. When designing your patio, go with what makes you happy no matter what the opinion of the exterior or interior designer.