Proximity Matters: 9 Reasons To Choose A Nearby Childcare Centre


Are you about to search for the words ‘childcare centre near me because you want a facility near your home? Or do you prefer it to be in the same location as your work to minimise travel time during the morning and afternoon on weekdays? Whatever your reason might be, going with the nearest one is a win-win situation because parents need to supervise their children and ensure everything goes well. Being separated from your little child during the day is also challenging because of their young age.

Overall, caring for your child is not a one-size-fits-all thing for parents, and you should never rely on one thing because it is a complex web of activities. Instead, it is not only about enrolling in the top preschool in Singapore. Parents should support their children, meet their needs, and consult the teacher regarding their performance.

Are you a parent looking for ‘a preschool near me’ on Google? Great choice! Here are the compelling reasons surrounding the importance of proximity.


A kindergarten in Toa Payoh is not a 24/7 facility where children study day and night. However, there might be sudden emergencies or anything that might require you to run to the facility. One situation is your child getting sick in the middle of classes or other medical troubles that require immediate attention. With this, consider a school that you can access no matter what. You would not go there at 2 in the morning, but you should be ready for that situation because anything can happen.


Do you hate using public transport because of long lines and waiting times? Singapore has one of the most efficient systems, but those sensitive to schedule changes and challenges should reconsider. What does this mean? If you find ‘a kindergarten near me on Google, there is no need to strategise your commute or driving route because there is a possibility to walk safely to school. On top of that, you have all the time, and your child makes the most of their day!



Another plus point of searching for a preschool near me is the peace of mind. Are you working after dropping off your child at school? Or do you run errands for the household during the day? If your child is near those things, you have no worries about them, and visiting them in case of emergencies would be easy because of distance. (Tip: Consider your work location, daily activities, and other factors when assessing the proximity of a learning centre.)


Driving your car, paying a chauffeur, and taking the subway and other means of public transport are costly for everyone because of the rising gas prices. If you choose the top preschool in Singapore close to your home or work location, expect to save on transportation costs! Why? Your child can now walk to school, or there is no need to drive miles only for a preschool registration session for the latest academic year.


This benefit depends on the family situation and their living arrangement, but trusting a kindergarten centre in Toa Payohbecause that is where you live and work, is the best option for you. There is no need to secure a rental property in the city for your child or relocate the entire family. All it takes is probably a short walk or a few-minute drive. (Tip: Relocating is a major family decision, so if you intend to stick with this plan, make sure to do things correctly.)


Looking for a nanny or caregiver to supervise your child is a difficult job. You look into their background, skills and expertise in childcare, and working behaviour. However, if you are one of those lucky parents who were able to gather results after searching ‘preschool centre near me’on a website, you can now skip the nanny hunt because the proximity to the school makes your life easier.



Preschool registration can be chaotic if you have no idea what documents to prepare. What more for parents who reside or work far away from the learning facility? Another benefit of choosing a nearby school is the easy submission of documents. Despite the rise of digital means, some institutions require physical copies for filing purposes. They also might prefer parents to visit the school to examine the learning condition and other things.


The top preschool in Singapore produces students with all the potential in the world, but parents still need to do their part, and that includes parent-teacher conferences and other things that require their presence. Being near the learning facility means being flexible with your schedule for consultations and other matters. There is no need to be nitpicky because it takes a 2-hour drive to get there or the long travel time via public transport. You can even visit the teacher at your preferred time.


Do you know the most promising benefit of choosing a childcare centre? Everyone can make the most of their days! Whether you are a parent working a corporate job in the morning, a spouse who deals with household errands during the day, or even a university student who needs to take care of their little sibling, there are no worries about derailing your schedule because everything is in check. Also, you can just leave the child at school and easily reach them in no time. Seems promising, right? You have all the reasons to trust the top preschool in Singapore near you.

The thing about childcare is time management. Parents should plan their days to avoid mishaps and other challenges on top of supervising their little children who are unaware of things. If you are looking for a kindergarten in Toa Payoh, My First Skool is your choice because they deliver! Visit their website for more information on their programmes.