Office Blinds – Improving Workplace With Light Regulation

Your office serves as a place where professional employees gather to operate. It should be the place where everyone is at their most productive yet without compromising their comfort. The structure of every business depends on how your workforce operates at their own ability, and a drastic change in the environment can affect their productivity and motivation. Dressing your office room with newer blinds is among the many things you can do to enhance your office’s indoor environment. Hence, some companies opt for blinds installation in Singapore apart from renovation/interior designing.

You might be wondering, what is the big deal about office blinds? What is its impact on your workplace environment? If you are not in the know, blinds are more than just for home decor. Window blinds serve the practical purpose to regulate natural light.

Why Does Indoor Light Regulation Matter?

If you are styling out your indoor workplace, your windows serve a pivotal role in increasing light within the building. It helps create a sense of ‘openness’ apart from giving a nice view of the outside world. Light is a critical factor for working employees since it can stimulate us to keep us energetic, aware and awake. There is no denying that it can also affect our mood. Buying blinds in Singapore is a practical responsibility to provide light regulation.

According to a peer-reviewed study from JRHS (Journal of Research in Health Sciences), high intensity shorter light wavelengths led to suppressed melatonin, higher consciousness with faster reaction time and increased attention. The study also concludes that light is a ‘powerful modulator of non-visual performance’ for cognitive tasks and that the best light in regulation is bright daylight in the morning. Morning daylight has a short wavelength with high intensity. Therefore, making it a perfect candidate for biological and psychological regulation.

Knowing how to take advantage of natural light may sound like a subtle nuance. But it also leaves an enormous impact on your office entirely. It is not surprising to see that many companies use natural light to enhance workplace performance. Employees are less likely to perform and see things to work and navigate around to complete their tasks when a workplace struggles to illuminate its corners.

It is difficult to focus on whatever you are doing in a dim room or when light is flickering overhead. If your workplace is facing this issue, you can provide a solution to regulate illumination with indoor blinds. Not to mention that it can also control the temperature within the room. Transforming your indoor workspace with proper lighting regulation from blinds is a practical solution.

Indoor Lighting Design: What Are the Factors In Regulating Lights?

We have learned that regulating light increases workplace productivity and performance apart from providing proper illumination in dim corners and granting visibility. Lighting designs are a powerful component of a workspace you can use.

The ideal lighting regulation can create better space appeal for employees stimulated positively. But how do we regulate and control lights? Before you consider buying office blinds in Singapore right away, it’s important that we first know and understand the factors in regulating lights and implementing a light design.

Space Appearance

We must neglect how physical appearance would look under a lighting condition (be it artificial or natural lighting). The refraction and bounce of light within materials in the confines of space should match the feel of office space to create ambience and mood. Light can also still affect items that take up space to add more charm to the area. It should be aesthetically pleasing.

It is one thing you should keep in mind before you buy office blinds. The thickness of blinds can determine the light that passes through the material (the thicker the blinds, the lesser the light can pass through). You can use it as a decorative statement for effective indoor illumination.

Light Distribution

Daylight is an ideal resource for your lighting. However, you should consider carefully how it can interact with the artificial lighting inside a room. It can make or break your lighting optimisation and design. Unoptimised indoor lighting can lead to eyestrain and headaches. These are the indications that detract employees from being productive and performing well.

Think of ways to balance out the distribution of natural and artificial lighting before you buy and install office blinds. One example of an approach you can consider is changing windows’ tints to adapt to the glare. You can also choose different indoor blinds you can install for better lighting control with suitable fabric density. Blind fabrics have tiny holes that could let light in, and configuring these holes can impact certain light intensity and glare to distribute inside the room.

Visual Glare

Glare can be a problem that can cause visual performance and discomfort when light intensity in the visual field exceeds what the eye can adapt to its view. While it may seem obvious to many, we must also understand that glare can come directly from light reflection and not just under a direct light source. When regulating indoor/natural light, consider the brightness level (under sunlight conditions) and the degree of reflection it can cast. It will help prevent excessive, intense light glare when it passes on materials or item surfaces.


Flexibility is another vital aspect to consider before you buy any office blinds. Your plan should be comprehensive before implementing any lighting control with your available options.

Not all windows will share the very same window blinds. It can depend on the windows’ size, their position and how exposed an area is to daylight at a given time. Some areas will need more lighting regulation than others. Thus, before you retrofit your workplace with blinds and other options, think of the most flexible approach you can implement. It is an investment you can take to optimise workspace productivity and performance.

Other Benefits Of Proper Lighting Control

Aside from boosting productivity and performance, here are some other advantages of having better lighting regulation:

Greater Energy Conservation

When you have optimised lighting control, you eliminate the necessity to use other lighting systems, which can be a wasteful option. Today, a sizable percentage of energy consumption most buildings often use is inefficient and unnecessary. Suitable office blinds would be a better and more practical solution than using old and traditional incandescent bulbs and non-LEDs. Proper lighting regulation keeps you from using other lighting systems to maximise your savings and have optimised lighting distribution.

Better Visuals

When you implement better lighting, your workplace visuals also shine, providing better ambience and visual interest without going further to need renovation or interior designing. An inviting environment that makes workers and guests feel more comfortable can boost your company and brand appeal.

Standard Compliance & Security

Many of today’s establishments and buildings adhere to energy-efficient operation and consumption. Simply having a proper way to regulate lighting can help add energy efficiency. On the other hand, a combination of better window tints and office blinds further helps maintain privacy, not just for external windows for internals. It also provides safety and security for equipment and employee location.

Different Types of Office Blinds You Can Use

When choosing office blinds, you can find plenty of options you can choose from to fit your design and needs to transform your office space. Here are a few notable ones that are popular:

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perhaps among the top preferred choices by many modern workplaces since they have low maintenance demand. They regulate light from left to right and are simple to operate. Nevertheless, these vertical slats have different widths you can choose from for better versatility in controlling natural light and providing a complete blackout solution.

Vertical blinds are ideal options if you have large floor-to-ceiling windows since it offers a total control solution for light exposure. It comes with a wide range of colours to add more style and create a unique look that compliments the interior.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the ones you can use to roll up and down, fully or partially, to control light. You can find most of these office blinds in one strip of material, evoking simple and clean lines without any slats. But they are among the most versatile choices you can find in the market thanks to their number of fabrics, design patterns, and colours, adding more variety. You can also find plenty of material finishes on the market. Some even have solar protective coating and flame retardancy.

Similar to vertical blinds, roller blinds can also provide total blackout solutions, which makes rollers ideal for areas such as presentation rooms.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are perhaps known for using their pull or continuous chain for raising the slats or pulling them down. It offers better flexibility and makes it an ideal choice for any room, not to mention its modern-looking, sleek design that adds elegance and sophistication. You can find Venetian indoor blinds in PVC, wood or aluminium material in different sizes.

Venetian blinds can be a perfect choice if you want flexibility with a touch of luxury and elegance (especially for the executive workspace). There are also integrated Venetian blinds between glass units for a cleaner look.

Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds may seem like something out of a futuristic workplace, but they are the high-end indoor blinds you can find in the market. Smart blinds are ‘automated devices’ connected and are network-enabled to operate, much like other ‘smart appliances’ you see. While they may sound sophisticated yet expensive, they are increasingly becoming a more popular choice, providing greater accessibility. It also has far better energy-saving capabilities in terms of design and usage.

Smart blinds are still faithful to traditional styles—with the only difference being the use of a remote controller or program for opening and closing specific points. You can also use your smartphone to operate them via an application.

What Are The Perfect Office Blinds?

There are no universal ‘perfect’ office blinds you can find. You might hear suggestions here and there. Still, everything depends on what you need based on your plan for proper light regulation. But before you buy one and opt for your indoor blinds, consider the ones that are flexible/versatile over style. Looks and aesthetics come in secondarily when you plan to buy one. Practicality is a matter of finding a cost-effective solution in the context of performance and functionality.

Longevity comes in by knowing proper maintenance care for office blinds. As soon as you make any choices, be aware of the blind’s material and how you can clean them to ensure lasting use. Maintenance such as cleaning should be done consistently in a scheduled manner to avoid your office blinds from wearing out fast.

As part of determining the best office blinds, you can find on the market, taking time to research a number of options and considering the light regulation factors above is integral for decision-making. Regardless of the blinds you decide to purchase, it is a must practise not to face screens towards the window to help reduce the glaring. Also, be aware that if you have blackout blinders all day, you will need to switch to artificial lighting. On a side note, making a consultation or asking a local indoor blinds seller or specialist can help you make better and smarter buying choices.

Purchasing office blinds from trusted manufacturers and sellers guarantee high-quality blinds. You can find manufacturers and sellers locally or online right away, but you can only choose one. Thus, you must take into consideration that you purchase from well-established and highly reputable manufacturers. It will make you more confident in every purchase, ensuring high-standard and durability built to serve in the office for long-term use. Take time for your choices, conduct research, and you will find viable picks in the market that perfect office blinders that meet your needs and expectations.

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