Selecting An Aluminium Composite Panel – Consider These 10 Factors!

Aluminium composite panels (ACP) in Singapore are a popular choice for a good reason! They can pose several advantages to modern building design. For starters, they are lightweight, durable, and easy to install. They make an excellent option for exterior cladding, signage, and decorative finishes. However, not all ACPs are created equal. That is why it is imperative to consider several factors when selecting an aluminium composite panel. Doing so can help ensure the best results for your project.

This article will provide a comprehensive list of the factors to consider when choosing an aluminium composite panel to purchase in Singapore.

Core Material

The core material of an aluminium composite panel in Singaporeis the most significant aspect to consider. It can get made of either low-density polyethene (LDPE) or fire-resistant (FR) mineral core. LDPE core is less pricey. However, they may be less fire-resistant than FR mineral cores. FR mineral core is more expensive but meets stricter safety standards. This option makes it ideal for high-rise buildings.


The coating on the aluminium composite panel protects it from weathering and corrosion. The two most common types of layers are polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polyester (PE). When getting one from a roofing contractor in Singapore, PVDF is a better choice! They are more durable and resistant to fading, chalking, and weathering than PE. However, it is also more expensive.


The size of an aluminium composite panel in Singapore is an imperative factor to consider. The standard size is 1220mm x 2440mm. However, most larger panels can be customisable for specific projects. Larger ones can reduce installation time, as they require fewer joints. Moreover, they can provide a more seamless finish.

Colour and Finish

An aluminium composite panel in Singaporecomes in various colours and finishes, including metallic, matte, gloss, and brushed. The colour and finish can affect the visual appeal of the panel. That is why you should select one that can complement the overall design of the building.


When choosing an aluminium composite panel in Singapore, it is vital to consider the manufacturer’s warranty. A more extensive warranty period may indicate the quality of the ACPs. Moreover, it can provide peace of mind for building owners and contractors.


Price is a critical factor in any construction project. Many aluminium composite panels in Singaporecome at different prices, with some manufacturers offering cheaper options. However, it is also vital to consider the quality of the plates, as more budget-friendly options may have a shorter lifespan and require more frequent maintenance.


Like polycarbonate roofing, the breadth matters too! The thickness of an aluminium composite panel in Singaporevaries from 2mm to 6mm. The thicker the ACP, the stronger and more rigid it is. However, thicker plates are also more expensive and heavier. The overall costs can affect installation and transport costs.

Fire Safety Rating

Fire safety is critical for any building project, particularly for high-rise buildings. Investing in aluminium composite panels in Singaporewith FR mineral core is the safest option. Why? Because they are fire-resistant and meet strict safety standards.

Installation Method

The installation method of an aluminium composite panel in Singaporecan affect the overall cost and quality of the project. The two most common methods are cassette fixing and tray fixing. Cassette fixing is more expensive but provides a more seamless finish, while tray fixing is cheaper but requires more joints.


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly imperative factor in construction projects. Aluminium composite panels in Singaporecan be recyclable! This option makes them an eco-friendly choice. However, you should select a manufacturer that uses sustainable practices and materials.

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