Smitten With Love & Daisies – A Special Bouquet For A Special Someone

Love is a broad subject. Fortunately, the same thing can be said about flowers! You can express love in the form of friendship, a filial, or intense romantic passion. Love can be found in any relationship that is founded through care and respect for one another. Hence, if you’re planning to visit an online florist in Singapore to buy a flower for someone, there are appropriate ones that go well and suit their taste.

Beyond the feelings and the butterflies in the stomach, you may consider what one may feel about you as well. The type of person receiving the flowers can be far more important than the meaning and interpretation of the flower. Why? Because each person has a unique view and interpretation of it as well. Yours might look different and feel than the receiving person.

What Goes Well For Him/Her?

One good rule of thumb is before you purchase a valentine rose or a birthday bouquet in Singapore, consider who’s the receiving end rather than what flower goes well on how you feel about them.  You might be surprised to find out that the person you’re dating prefers simple ivy, or perhaps an anemone instead of a red rose. You want to have the best flower impression for that special someone or a loved one. It’s often safer to go with what stands out to them since they are the receiving end.

Aside from its pleasing appearance that reflects personalities, flowers can wonderfully complement everyone’s lifestyle as well. Take note of the type of colours and different styles that people go into, they would be surprised and impressed by what you choose!

The level of thought that goes through, mixed with the subtle meaning, creates a lasting appreciation and a deep meaning that endures long after it has passed its bloom. Even the simplest get well soon flowers can endure lasting impact on a sick person even after they have recovered.

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When Choosing A Bouquet:

Choose a flower that tells something.

The first thing that goes well when choosing a bouquet from an online florist in Singapore for someone is what you want to communicate to them, aside from what you feel. If you are giving a special flower bouquet for someone who is cheerful or joyful – full of energy, you can give them white daisies or blue daisies. If you want a flower that represents much deeper romantic passion – a flower that communicates love, carnation, tulip or a peony can be an excellent choice!

Be adventurous!

When giving flowers with romantic intentions, do not be limited to the staple flowers like red roses or pinkish carnations. The suggestions above work well. However, you can explore more varieties of flowers with an online florist in Singapore. You shouldn’t be too afraid to be more adventurous when choosing one! In addition to the suggestions above, you can also consider wildflowers, lilac, or even a primrose.

Be careful with the smell.

Primrose has a strong scent. It symbolises and sums up the first few stages when falling in love! Nonetheless, the smell can either be a deal-maker or deal-breaker for some. People may tend to develop strong likes for certain intoxicating smells, while some can’t stand them. The best thing you can do about it is to communicate with your preferred online florist in Singapore and see what they can do or ask them for more picks that have a specific type of smell that tailors for the receiving person.

Do not be limited by common choices.

Carnation seems likely among the top choices to give for your significant others. However, carnations also make a terrific gift for every mother. There’s a well-known legend that the flower carnation stemmed from the tears of Mary – the mother of Christ after witnessing her son suffer and die at the cross.

Another excellent choice is lotus flowers! Lotus flowers often bloom in the mud. In some cultures, the lotus flower symbolises enlightenment, rebirth and purity. You can give a lotus flower to someone you think possesses these qualities like a teacher or even a gift for your mother too!


Buying Flowers Based On the Setting/Interior

If you are looking for a more pleasing way to enhance the mood and the atmosphere of the setting with your special someone, there are a variety of factors to choose from. While you’re not buying a condolence wreath in Singapore for a specific occasion that doesn’t have anything to do with a funeral, it’s an excellent example of how a flower can create a particular mood in a setting. Seeing a condolence wreath evokes a feeling of sympathy and condolence for a bereaving family.

Choose a matching flower based on the style and colour of the interior.

 If you are going to an event, be it a romantic dinner or elegant ball event, buying a bouquet that matches her dress colour will make her appreciate it more! It is the same notion, which can be said if you plan to buy an arranged flower from an online florist in Singapore. You want a flower that matches the style and signature colour of your interior if you want your blossom to fit well and find its place at your home.

For romantic setting

Of course, if you’re going for a sweeter and amorous setting to surprise your lovey-dovey, without a doubt, you can go for flowers that fit on the interior and still communicate passion. You can blend the flower design for the interior (living room or bedroom, for example) yet preserve the charming appeal if you want to make her heart sway!

There’s no shortage of flower options in an online florist in Singapore you can give to that special someone. Be it for your romantic partner, a friend or your dad, sister, mother or co-worker, flowers aren’t just timeless and seasonal gifts, but they’re perfect for showing your love and care for someone!

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