My Experience with Kitchen Works, Inc. and Food Processor Parts

Recently, my wife’s Cuisinart food processor broke. One of the blades popped off, and our pusher was also a little nicked and dented from years of use. I’ve always been a “don’t replace it, fix it” guy, so when she told me we’d need to buy a new food processor I insisted on trying to fix it first.

Well, after several weeks of messing with it, Googling the problem, and telling my wife I got it, I had to admit that the thing was well and truly broken. However, I told my wife I wanted to look for replacement Cuisinart food processor parts, rather than buy a whole new machine outright. She agreed, and we started looking for the best deal on replacement parts.

Kitchen Works, Inc. was a huge help during this process. They have helpful information on their website that shows you how to figure out which Cuisinart model you’re working with, which was great for me since I had no clue. But even better, they have a lot of replacement parts that are made to suit any Cuisinart food processor. The prices were reasonable and the shipping was fast. They were even kind enough to offer us a refund when we returned the blade (there was nothing wrong with it, my mother-in-law just bought my wife a new machine about two days before the replacement blade arrived).

All in all, I found Kitchen Works, Inc. a great website that offered replacement parts at great prices. They have a wide variety of products, too, from Cuisinart food processor parts to barware, cutlery, and roasting pans. My wife has already used them to buy some new odds and ends for the kitchen, and I’ll definitely be visiting them again the next time we need to replace an old appliance!