A Medical Assistant assists the physician or doctor in taking care of the patients and administering medication and conducting procedures as the doctor may advise. The medical assistants may have undergone training or maybe learning from the current job. For those who go to school, they need to sit for a test; hence they have to take the medical assistant test prep.

They can prepare through applications in hospitals or medical facilities. The medical assistant test prep helps them to understand the implementation of the knowledge and practical skills they have.

The medical assistants are very vital in the running of a facility. Here are some of the functions of the medical assistant.

Assessing and caring for the patients

Medical Assistants have the task of conducting patient assessments. This responsibility covers several functions that the Medical Assistant is supposed to perform. The MA has to check any severe signs that a patient may have through physically examining them and checking their medical history. The vital signs in this regard are the rate of breathing, temperature, pulse, and the pressure of the blood.

The MA takes measurements of the height, weight, checks for anything that is out of the ordinary. They then inquire about the patient’s medical history by asking questions. The MA then takes a record of all conditions and shares the findings with the physician. Part of the Medical Assistant’s role is to take care of the movement of the patients and dressing them and the wounds in a hygienic manner.

Testing Duties

The Medical Assistant performs all the testing duties as may be assigned by the physician, ensuring that any samples needed are collected, packed, labeled, and then taken to the location where they are supposed to be stored or tested.

Preparing of Patients

Preparation of patients is the other function performed by the Medical Assistant in the medical facility. It involves a few tasks like exposing of any areas that the doctor may want to work on or check. It consists of the removal of dressing applied and cleaning of the wounds as may be required by the doctor.

The medical assistant follows all the required steps and procedures when preparing the patient for treatment or testing. They have to understand what each process entails, the tools to use, and how to use them. The Medical Assistant then collects all the information gathered carefully, prints, then store them or shares them with the concerned physician after dressing the parts tested.

Clerical Duties

The Medical Assistant does the clerical duties in the office apart from handling the patients. The patients have a lot of information regarding the conditions they have, the medication they are currently being given, or were given. This information is very critical to the patient and the doctor who performs diagnosis on the patient.

It helps the doctor understand the nature of their condition and how far they have come with treatment. All this information stored in files and medical records may not have proper organization. The medical assistant needs to ensure they are organized, complete and intact for easy access.

The medical assistant also ensures that the capturing of patients’ details is ongoing when they walk into the hospital for the first time or direct them if they have an appointment.

They also help to schedule the dates of checkups for both the doctors and the patients. The Medical assistant, therefore, manages the schedules of the patients’ and doctors.

Medical Assistant’s Task List

Some of the most common tasks of the medical assistant include the following;

  • The Medical Assistant serves as the secretary to the physician
  • Helps the patients to fill the claims and insurance forms
  • Ensuring medical equipment is cleaned and well maintained
  • Record handling and management
  • They conduct data entry from systems dealing with medical equipment and medicines.
  • They ensure the administration of medication, both oral and injections.
  • They do billing and monitor the use and need of medical supplies.
  • They schedule operations for patients.
  • They also educate the patients as the doctor may need.


These are some of the duties and responsibilities that are conducted by medical assistants. They play a crucial role in the medical and health facilities. They are the persons in direct contact with the patients; hence are very vital to the health of the patients.

They also ensure that the entire facility is running as it should, and nothing is out of place or missing.