Meaning of dreaming about death

In cultures around the world, parallels have been made between living, dying, and dreaming. In a way you die every night and are born to a new day when you wake up. Although dreams of death often arouse fears, as they tend to be interpreted as possible premonitory warnings that announce illnesses or accidents, from a symbolic point of view death gives us other types of messages.

When you dream of death, you have reached a high degree of desire to remove someone from your sight. It is also a symbol that part of your personality is in a process of change that is described as radical, at least within you, and that desire for change and that change is transferred from your subconscious to your dreams.

When in a dream a person from your environment approaches you and tells you that he is making plans to leave his physical body very soon. The message is received as a sign that you must prepare for this sudden and sudden absence.

Meaning of dreaming about your own death

Symbol of the death of a part of yourself, perhaps death a personal trait, perhaps the disappearance of a way of thinking. There is also the possibility of the disappearance of a good trait, this death dream meaning can be a warning sign.

If when having that dream you feel sadness, it is likely that it is the death of a positive trait of your person or perhaps a loss of talent due to the practice of indolence. It can also mean a bad state of health that you have not detected yet.

Meaning of dreaming about your suicide

Symbol of bad habits or a trait of your personality that you have to eliminate; it can also imply that you are murdering yourself, either mentally or physically. You must think that if what you want to kill is a good part of your personality, perhaps you should meditate if there is something you are doing wrong with that talent or habit.

Dreaming of seeing yourself dead

Perhaps it is one of those premonitory dreams that are sending us a warning signal, especially if it is accompanied by the urgent need to put order in your life and personal issues. It would also symbolize acceptance of unavoidable themes in your life.

Dreaming of seeing yourself buried

Work or personal circumstances are burying us. People have been brought up to believe that there is only one life and you are terrified that it will slip through your grasp. For that reason, few people have this type of dream.

Dreaming of the death of other people

Perhaps it is a person who in dreams approaches us and tells us that he is leaving. Another dream symbol of this type is of people walking towards a plane, or taking off in a car. Another way may be that they fade in your presence, leaving us with a sad feeling that you will never see it again.

Death symbolizes a departure and the end of something, but at the same time it announces a profound transformation. For life to continue something must die, just as for the butterfly to spread its wings the caterpillar must die.