How to Boost the Audience Retention Rate On Your Website? 

If your website is not ranked on the top of the SERP (search engine result page), there could be many reasons behind it. One of those reasons could be the low audience retention rate on your website. 

Now, you might be wondering what is a low audience retention rate. Well, we are here to comprehensively explain this term to you. Let’s move on to the next section to know what exactly an audience’s retention rate is. 

What is An Audience Retention Rate? 

audiences Retention Rate refers to the percentage of how much time audiences spend on your website. In other terms, it is a parameter of estimating how much audiences are interested to see your website and spend time on your website by reading information and collecting the data. You can check your website’s audience retention rate in your website’s admin panel or on Google Analytics. 

It is very important to have a higher audience retention rate on your website if you want it to rank at the top of the SERP. If your website has a low audience retention rate, you should hire ecommerce SEO services India. They will surely assist you in resolving all your website’s issues. 

Well, in this piece of information, we have compiled the best ways to boost your website’s audience retention rate. Let’s take a look below. 

Best Ways to Boost Your Website’s audiences Retention Rate

Firstly, you need to understand one thing that a website’s audience retention rate depends on how many audiences visit your website, how much time they spend on your website, and how much bounce back rate is on your website. So, you need to focus on these things. You need to make your website an interesting place for your audiences so that they visit your website repeatedly and spend a lot of time on it. Let’s see how you can do this. 

Make Your Website Attractive

An attractive website grabs the attention of visitors and engages them with your website content. To make your website attractive and impactful for your audiences, use modernly developed templates, themes, and graphics. There are many free and paid website themes and templates over the internet, you can use any that perfectly suits your website and have modern features. Apart from this, make sure your website is nicely organized. Titles, pictures, videos, and other content must be nicely placed. This will give better sight to audiences. 

Increase Your Website’s Loading Speed

Slow website loading speed is the biggest reason for higher bounce back rates on websites. And you better know if your website has a high bounce back rate, it will also have a low audience retention rate. Therefore, it will not rank on the top of the SERP until these issues are resolved. So, you must focus on increasing your website’s loading speed. 

Here is how you can increase your website’s loading speed. 

  • Remove All the Unnecessary and Irrelevant Pieces of Stuff- Your website may have a large quantity of irrelevant and unnecessary content. This could be the main reason for your website’s slow loading speed. So, you need to remove all that stuff. That stuff could be content, additional web pages, and unknown coded stuff. 
  • Optimize Your Whole Website for Search Engines- If your website is not wholly SEO optimized, this could be the reason for your website’s slow loading speed. You must focus on this. You can hire an SEO company to optimize your whole website for search engines.   

Provide Quality Content

Quality of content matters more than anything else. If your website has irrelevant and low-quality content, the audiences will not prefer to visit your website. And if the audiences will not prefer to visit your website, your website will not get a higher audience retention rate. Consequently, search engines will not push your website upward on the SERP, and so it will not rank higher on the search engine result page. So, make sure you provide the highest quality content to your audiences.  

Here is how you can improve the quality of your content. 

  • Provide Relevant Content- Many website owners publish a lot of content on their website, just to make their website looking complete. They publish irrelevant and unnecessary content that bother both the search engines and users. So, you need to avoid this. You should upload relevant informative content on your website. 
  • Add Photos, Videos, and Infographics- Photos, videos, and infographics make a website interesting and useful for the audiences. They grab the attention of the audiences and maintain their interest for a longer time. They also leave a long-lasting impression in audiences’ minds which forces them to visit your website again and again. So, you must add high-resolution photos, videos, and infographics to your website. 
  • Include a Blog Section- A blog section can be an interesting inclusion to your website. It helps a website to be refreshed and updated with new high-quality blogs. It also helps in grabbing the attention of both search engines and users. So, you must include a SEO blog section on your website. It will definitely increase your audience’s retention rate.