Marmaris Safari Choices You Can Make

The tourist season is the summer months, during this period in the city there are always a lot of tourists. To everyone who wants to go on excursions and walks in the city, we recommend coming to Marmaris in autumn or spring, as in summer it is the heat that can prevent the discovery of the most remarkable objects. If you do Excursions in Marmaris  then you will find the following interests:

  • Shopping enthusiasts should pay attention to items made of leather and chamois leather, which are distinguished by truly perfect quality. Jewelry made of bronze, copper and precious metals are also very popular. In the craft workshops you can not only buy original gifts, but also to dress to measure.
  • Cool clothes and gifts should be bought at open air markets, but tourists looking for quality jewelry are recommended to visit specialty shops. In markets tourists risk to buy jewelry of small quality at rather expensive prices.

Way of life and traditions in Marmaris

Speaking of the distinctive features of the national character, we should mention the handcraft trade well known to everyone the creation of rugs. This art appeared hundreds of years ago, today.

To go to the market one must prepare enough low value tickets. Often the merchants say that they are not giving change, they are doing it on purpose to make tourists pay more. High value tickets are not always accepted, they can be refused. Almost everywhere in Marmaris the prices are to be negotiated, the exception being only the supermarkets. It will be very easy to reduce prices, and often the economy can be quite large. If you wish to opt for the Marmaris Jeep Safari then the following options are there.

Tap water is not considered to be a health hazard, but foreign tourists are not recommended to consume it anyway. This can increase the period of acclimatization, which is why it is better to drink bottled water, which can be purchased at any food store and supermarket.

  • For the same reason, you should not drink a lot of drinks with ice. Before placing an order it is necessary to make sure, that to prepare refreshing drinks was used ice of purified water.
  • In the central streets there are always many people even late in the evening, which is why here you can walk quite quietly.
  • Public transport is presented by buses and collective taxis, the efficient way of getting around is also the taxi. But before getting in the car you must specify the prices, in this case you can also haggle.


Marmaris is a nice day out from Rhodes and an opportunity to experience Turkey. The boat trip is pleasant and the bus tour was well-organized. The harbor front is attractive and there are plenty of places to eat and shop around the town.