Love spells that could help you get over your ex

Love is something that many look for but that when finding it can bring several dislikes and in many cases it does not happen as expected, so it is usual for relationships to end, it is something painful, frustrating and heart-breaking, after all, you invested their feelings and were mistreated.

However, to get over that bitter moment, there are some love spells that work to move on and forget your ex.

A refreshing bathroom:

In a cup add lemon balm, the herb, not the lipstick, and mix with a little honey. Lemon helps heal a broken heart, its relaxation power is so powerful that in ancient Greece it was used to treat scorpion stings. As for honey, this will be the touch that will bring sweetness to your life, an act of magic to overcome a bad love.

Cut any ties with your ex:

Choose an unlit white candle and wave it over your body, imagine yourself surrounded or surrounded by white light and free (without the ties that bind you to your old partner). Then, drizzle coconut oil and lemon balm on you, light the candle and let it burn as you visualize yourself in the aforementioned move, trust that you must get on with your life.

Burn your fears:

Write the number 21 (which is very powerful in witchcraft) and the deepest fears in your heart after the breakup, for example: “I will never find love”, “I am not enough”, “No one will love me like my ex “, etc. Write your full name and date of birth at the top of the list, let the sheet burn with fire, and flush the ashes down the toilet.

Crystals to cleanse your energy:

To end the pattern of attracting the same type of person frequently, lie down with a black obsidian stone in your heart and a selenite crystal in your stomach. Meditate for 21 minutes (remember the importance of this number), these stones will absorb the old and bad energy.

Undressing is good:

Take a bath in a tub, add petals of your favourite flowers and a little perfume of your choice, don’t forget to indulge yourself, quite a bit. Do it while thinking about what you really want and need from your next partner. Relax for about 21 minutes and imagine your happiest version, the moment will come when you feel fullness and another person arrives who makes you believe in love again.

If you don’t get what you ask for, or you can’t get your ex back, the spell may still work, but it worked the way you wanted it to. If your love spell is effective and what you want reciprocates, you may wonder if this is just a placebo effect because you believed so strongly in the spell that you changed your behaviour. Maybe you have become more confident around your loved one. Even when it comes down to it, yes, the love spell worked. If you are asking these questions, take a step back and think clearly, something worked.