If your cell phone’s location service is active, you can find it on the map that will open on the screen. To locate a samsung cell phone now the tools like JJSPY is offering great support. In fact, it is the ultimate solution that you can go for now. The deals are perfect there and you need to be specific for the same. The service that this software offers is perfect and unparalleled. So you can make use of the same without any worry. Be sure that you will be helped to a great extent in this case now. Now the options for locating will be told to you.

Locate by sound

In the bar on the left of the map, tap “Play sound” to have the phone ring for five minutes, even if it is in silent mode. This tip is recommended for those who have lost their phone at home, for example, and cannot find it with the map service.

Lock the device and protect your data

Still in the bar on the left side of the screen, tap “Activate protection and cleaning”. It is possible to choose to lock the phone, which will prevent anyone from using it. The action is more suitable for cases of theft, when the victim has no more chance of recovering the smartphone.

Take the opportunity to clean all the data on the device, preventing unauthorized people from having access to stored personal information.

Samsung Phone

Access “JJSPY”

To find a stolen or lost iPhone, the user must open the web browser and type the link, without quotes, in the address bar. When opening the page, you will need to login with the Apple ID credentials associated with the device.

Locate the device on the map

A map with the location of your cell phone will be displayed on the device screen.

Locate by sound

In the bar below the map, click on “Play Sound” so that the iPhone makes a noise and you can find it if you are nearby.

Lost Mode lets you lock your stolen iPhone

In the bar that appears under the map, go to “Lost Mode”. Your missing phone will now send information about your device’s location history to your Apple account. In addition, the device is blocked, which prevents others from using it. It is also possible to display a message on the lock screen that may contain information such as “Lost iPhone! Return to XXXX-XXX”.

Erase iPhone

This option is the last option for those who lost their cell phone. Still in the bar below the map, click on “Delete iPhone” if you have no hope of finding it. The action erases all data stored on the cell phone. In this way, it is possible to prevent personal content from falling into the hands of strangers.


On Android, Google’s Device Manager does the dirty work. At google.com/android/devicemanager , you can see the location of the device in “Find my phone / device”, if you have activated the service on the device.