A Perfect Stay At the Mykonos with the best Setup

Of course many tourists Mykonos is a trendy summer date. But the trendiness of the island attracts all audiences from just about every country that has discovered the pleasures of tourism. All of this has to be paid for, and Mykonos has become infrequent for the mown, at least in summer.

We go to Mykonos to see or be seen, or both, but certainly not to find tranquility. The step is not really essential, therefore, if one clings to an idea of ​​Greece of yesteryear.

We will not be able to talk about all of the charm of Mykonos. Ideal for visiting the Mykonos Town is to enjoy the early morning, or mid-afternoon, when many prefer to grill on the beaches. To stay there being in The Ace VIP Mykonos Concierge is the best option. You can find nothing better than this place to stay. With state of the art setup, this is the ultimate option that you can go for.

Beaches and swimming

A long list of beaches awaits those who come for a seaside stay in Mykonos; Elia, Paradise, Paranga, Psarou, Kalafati, Angia Anna, Lia are among the most popular.

Landscapes and nature

The view of the sea against the backdrop of the surrounding mountains and hills, as well as the view of the typical white towns of the Cyclades, constitute the magnificent landscapes of the island of Mykonos.

Visit, Museum and Heritage

The 5 museums dedicated to the island’s past and history, as well as the archaeological sites of Delos, allows you to discover the cultural richness of Mykonos

Suitable for families

Mykonos, despite its reputation as a festive destination, turns out to be a pleasant family holiday spot. you just have to choose the places to go with your children.

Crafts and shopping

Gold jewelry, clothing, ceramics, textiles, or even antiques for those willing to pay the price, can be souvenirs to bring back from Mykonos.


In addition to the restaurants which offer international culinary specialties, it is possible to find on Mykonos, Greek restaurants which offer typical dishes such as “LouzaLoukaniko” and “Kopanisti”.

Night life

There are many places on Mykonos famous for their festive atmosphere where you can party all night, but there are also trendy places such as bars and clubs where you can have a quiet drink.

From 10 p.m., the alleys turn into a sort of open-air nightclub.

You may be surprised by the number of chapels on the island: it is that, in the past, the inhabitants of Mykonos engaged in piracy and, in the event of a glitch at sea, made the vow to build a chapel if they did.

The Greek island of the Cyclades, Mykonos is accessible both by air and by sea.

Mykonos International Airport is served by many airlines, with flights from many western European cities such as Paris (only during the summer season). Regional flights from Athens and neighboring islands like Rhodes also allow you to fly to Mykonos.

Those already in Greece, whether on the mainland or in the islands can opt for a ferry crossing, has the advantage of being cheaper. Daily connections leave from Piraeus and Rafina, and from the islands of Paros, Santorini, Ios, Syros. Three connections a week leave from Naxos, Amorgos and Koufonissia. Most boats dock in Tourlos, 2 km north of Mykonos-Chora.