Tips to Write Problem and Solution Essay

Comparing all the types of student’s essays, problem and solution ones are not the most common. Nevertheless, they have a very useful goal – to motivate society to solve relevant problems of humanity. It’s not a problem to find a subject for such an essay, just look around you or check the latest news. However, sometimes students have trouble writing such an article properly. Check the tips on how to write it easily and well.

What to do to write a problem and solution essay

Such a text requires a simple subject that is easy to understand for anyone. It must be interesting for the large audience. Lately, the most relevant topics are the environment, the world wide web, addiction, modern society, and so forth. Picking a theme, remember that it must require a solution.

  1. A good problem and solution essay usually have such a structure:
  2. Background of the subject and writer’s relation to this problem.
  3. General information about the problem including facts, author’s description, reasons to solve it, and so on.
  4. A solution provided by a writer and its description.
  5. Sumoblem and solution essay, try these tips to make it more quality, interesting, amarizing the author’s thoughts and call to action.

Writing a prnd readable:

  • As a preparation, make a list of all the facts you found about the subject. It will help you to identify more useful and important ones and work with them lately.
  • Find evidence of the significance of the information which is important in your opinion. You need to have many proofs.
  • Determine all the unexplored aspects of your topic. Bring your audience some interest and provide yourself a vision of the whole work.
  • Define the researching ways you will use. Make yourself particular tasks of what information you need to find.
  • Consult with some authority person, for example, your professor. They’ll make you sure if you’re on the right way or not.