Engineering plays a very vital role in everyone’s life. Whether in terms of gadgets or any other project making, everything is made by engineers. Engineers helps in developing new technologies by researching, analysing, finding solution and making specific decisions. Their main aim is to focus on our development. Every systems, gadgets, bridges, car, computer, phone , aircraft, machines, etc. All these are designed and manufactured by engineers. We all can’t imagine our life with this things. But the problem behind that is many people don’t value the works of engineers. JKKP Perak notice the small things like smooth working of machines and electronics devices and many more which have been made by engineers. 

We don’t appreciate the works which engineers have done for us. They directly focus on the society lifestyle. Not only for us but also they try to contribute to our country’s economy. The very first thing which engineer focus on is innovation. For improving the old project into new one or designing a new project. They work hard to give us the comfortable life. They try to make our life more easier by inventing new features in the market. They often work for solutions to our daily problems. Their main priority is to keep our lifestyle productive.

The three ways by which engineering impact modern life are÷

  1. Health- engineers have make our life easier and stress free by inventing new machines which help us in our treatment. The technology which they have invented has helps us in treatment of new and old disease such as one of the best technology is nanotechnology. It helps in fighting cancer without damaging the other parts of the body. New scanners machine which also help us in detecting pulse rate minutes changes and many more new inventions have been done by our engineers. These all things can’t be achieved by our engineers ideas. They have work hard , so that we can enjoy our life peacefully. 
  2. Technology- as we know, technology is increasing rapidly day-by-day. We have come very far in case of technology. Every decade the rate of technology is increasing speedily. But all these has be achieved only because of our engineers. Engineers has make their primarily to advance technology, the new machines and the new creative solution for our daily life problems. Everything thing which we are using are made of technology. Such as mobile phones, even we use technology to analysis climate change. We are totally depend on our technology. We make technology a daily part of our life and without it we cannot reach towards our goals. 
  3. Transport- engineers has made our life more easier by giving us transport facility. Due to this technology , we easily able to go across the land or sea . We can go anywhere in the world through plans, trains, cars and boats. Engineering consultancy services guide proper building of this services effectively specially DOSH registration Malaysia They have given us many facility in our day-to-day life. For business purpose, tourism or for any travelling purpose, we uses transport facility. We easily and comfortably travel to place where we want.