How to work and stay without restrictions with family in the UK

As the topic says this article going to explain about the visa process of the non- native UK citizen and how can she or he lives in UK with the family. The family of a settled person refers that the visa process can get easier if the partner or the spouse is of British citizenship then the other partner can join them in the UK. For those, there is no strict test that will be taken as the others but they have to face the a1 english test for spouse visamany varieties of relationships are there that qualify these regards, if the relationship is non-traditional though they can apply for the visa under the different categories.

Work and stay without restrictions:

This visa process will be very simple when you want to come with your partner who is having citizenship or a person with full rights to stay in the UK. The settlement status in the UK refers that the person holds the visa validity or ILR (indefinite leave to remain) or having the right of abode.

Under those conditions you can apply for the visa which can be very easy to get the visa, for the initial time you will be allowed to work and live for two and half years in the UK, later you will be allowed to exit and re-enter the country for multiple times. After that visa duration, you can apply for next time where this time also you get two and a half years in the UK.

After you stayed in the UK for five years then you will attain the eligibility criteria to apply the ILR.

Conditions to apply for spouse visa:

  • You and your spouse or fiance must met before in person, not just online.
  • Need to get marry lawfully to one another
  • Having the intention to live permanently together
  • Ensuring that British citizens have the clear financial requirements.

Unmarried partner visa:

This can also be applicable when you are in a very long-term relationship with the citizen of the UK or at least the person has the right to live. There is no restriction on the relationship it can be either a heterosexual or same-sex relationship. But it is necessary to show that you provide the proper evidence that you both are in relation and are in akin to get marry soon.

This visa allows you freely to work and live in the UK for the first initial days. Like the spouse visa condition, this also needs all the proofs mentioned for and the term period is also the same as the spouse visa. Initially for two and a half years then it can be extended. Later on, you can apply for ILR.

Terms for the marriage period:

Married partners have to show the legal certificated which evident for the relationship. If the unmarried partners it is necessary to be in a long-term relationship and have been in the live-in relationship for two years. If you are the finance then the marriage must happen within six months and become the legal partner or civil partner within that term.