How to understand the career options available through the MCA course

The Master of Computer Applications from a top MCA college in Lucknow is a popular postgraduate study that provides a perfect blend of practical knowledge and academic theory. This three-year degree provided at any of the top MCA colleges in Lucknow helps the industry meet the demands of a trained IT professional. Its study provides training in modern programming languages and helps a graduate to develop applications faster for any kind of business. Specialized profiles are available for a young graduate in hardware and software development, system development, internet and networking, troubleshooting, management information system, and more.

Role of a Software developer

This role provided to a graduate from the top MCA colleges in Lucknow has a central role in testing, building, installing, and secure remote access maintaining various kinds of software systems for a business or client. Students from a reputed MCA college in Lucknow have the right kind of problem-solving skills and analytical prowess to drive the specific needs of a business. These professionals are engaged in recommending any upgrades to a running system and make all the pieces of the application system work immaculately. An average salary of around INR 4 to 8 lakhs per year is common for a good candidate.

Role of a Hardware engineer

This role provided after a degree from any of the top MCA colleges in Lucknow allows a professional to take care of crucial physical components of a computer. Students from a good MCA college in Lucknow often come up with innovative and functional designs for computers or their related equipment. They also supervise the production, testing, installation, and repair of the various hardware. They are also responsible to provide functional and good internet to their organization. A salary of around 18 thousand per month and above is offered at this role.

Role of a Database engineer

A course in MCA from any of the top MCA colleges in Lucknow provides in-depth knowledge of various database management systems. Graduates of these courses from a competent MCA college in Lucknow are tasked with creating and managing databases to store and organize data. They are required to configure the existing systems and keep everything functional. This job role requires one to have an exceptional working knowledge of various analytic systems and SQL. An average salary of around INR 6 lakhs per year is offered to a good candidate.

Role of a Cloud architect

This role is a relatively new field in technology that offers a good salary to graduates from an MCA college in Lucknow. Cloud technology is being adopted by most organizations across the globe and the demand for suitable professionals from the top MCA colleges in Lucknow is at an all-time high at present. A professional in this field handles massive loads of data daily to provide the organization with affordable and flexible storage options. They design, develop, and maintain these data servers remotely or in-house. They require knowledge of implementing cloud in any enterprise and focus towards a business goal.