7 tips to write a cover letter

Now, when applying for a job, any self-respecting employer requires a motivation letter from the applicant.

Motivation letter – a short story about yourself, needed when applying for a job, applying for a grant, or applying for a master’s degree.

What is included in a cover letter?

Within about 500 words you should tell:

  • why do you want to get into this university or company;
  • why they should choose you and not another candidate with the same education and a similar resume;
  • what will you give to the employer or educational institution;
  • what goals you set for yourself.

Why is it needed?

The HR or the admissions committee makes the decision according to a motivation letter. Therefore, it is important to think over each stage of compilation: from correctly spaced commas to visual design.

How to write a good motivation letter?

Use these 7 tips for your cover letter:

  • Do not use Caps Lock – it will be associated with a raised tone;
  • Do not insert more than one quote – the reader wants to know about you, not the thoughts of other people;
  • Write in a formal style, but not too formal;
  • For each university or employer – a new letter;
  • “Sell” yourself in moderation – write about the achievements that relate to your specialization: don’t tell that you know how to make different cakes if you are applying for the position of a Spanish teacher;
  • Don’t joke – not knowing who will read the text, you cannot predict the reaction to a joke.

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