How to stretch safely? 

Make sure you are not completely cold before stretching. If it’s a pre-workout stretch, shake your body a little so you can create a little warmth before stretching your limbs.Hold each stretch (if it is stable) for at least 30 seconds. Give your body time to adapt to the length. It is safer for your tissues.Stay on your edge. If you push too hard and feel pain, you are doing well instead of harming the body. This is why does stretching feel good?

The benefits of stretching

Now that you understand the basics, let’s learn about the benefits of stretching, giving you a holistic approach to the implementation of stretching in your exercise regime.

  1. Stretching before exercise

Starting your workout with your body exposed is able to reach a greater range of motion in your athletic performance. There are many reasons why does stretching feel good.

When you stretch your muscles by stretching, you will reduce the risk of tearing and tearing muscle fibres and tissues. It can lead to pressure on the body very quickly. Areas that are still stressful and / or stuck are most likely to be damaged if you go straight to exercise without overheating or walking.

  1. Get fresh oxygen flow

Decreased oxygen flow hinders your performance, as well as serious injury to the inside of your joints when it comes to why does stretching feel so good. Pain, soreness and tension are felt when you do not give oxygenated blood to these areas. Stretching promotes the flow of fresh oxygen through the blood to the rest of your body, not only relieving pain and reducing injury, but aiding in the performance of your movement. 

  1. Reduce fatigue

When you stretch before you workout you feel more able to cope with longer exercise sessions, as you are less likely to have fatigue in your muscles. By stretching the area that needs more time and encouragement to stay awake, so they can take you into longer workouts.

  1. Increases energy and motivation

Blood accumulates in muscles that are not used or lengthened. As mentioned above, in re-circulating the muscles, you will experience an increase in energy levels. Blood also flows from the brain (especially if you are stretching your back and spine) so that you increase the level of concentration, really motivating you to start a workout.

  1. Performance improvement

This is one of the benefits of stretching before a workout. Your body will have fresh oxygen, the risk of injury will be lower, and your growth rate will increase as fatigue decreases; It doesn’t matter what exercise you are doing, it will improve your overall performance, be it cardio or strength.

6.Stretching during exercise

Thanks to advancing in the functional understanding of how the body moves, fitness experts have suggested that you should take a stretch-break during your exercise session. Modern fitness trainers will tell you this, because any good personal training course teaches a great deal about the benefits of stretching.

Basically, when you work to burn any part of the body, you will take a few moments to lengthen this area, and then move on to another group or another area of ​​the body. explore more health ,yoga ,diet & fitness tips on

  1. Increase coordination

This is especially beneficial for those who take strength training. Stretching when a muscle is tired or burnt is a way to re-establish the pathways in your brain that allow you to feel more coordinated, and refresh your technique to keep your workout safe for the rest of the workout.