How to set up a good email automation for leads gaining

We know now emails are the first channel for leads acquisition and for customer’s loyalty. It’s the priority of every online business or company dealing with B2B or B2C to have a solid and well organized source of collection and profiling of clients. It all start from a good promoting strategy, via the web or the social media, capturing potential customers attention which is just the tip of the iceberg of the wider hidden network of leads generation.


Once you succeed in obtaining visibility and hit the mark you can’t let go of your audience, you need to have them recalled whenever you need, again and again. How is it possible?

How can we keep our audience loyal to the brand in order to transform them into frequent buyers and moreover to let them know everything coming up, growing the brand awareness and recognition among competitors?

Email marketing is definitely a tool, not the only one though. Let’s see how it works and why companies are relying on expert web agencies for their engagement’s generation.


How to collect email addresses for email automation

Whenever an interested user comes across one of our channel he needs to leave his contacts. For example a good way to collect contacts is the social promotion. Capturing people’s focus through ads and sponsored posts is easy, the hardest part is not to let this attention go by.

A social media ads campaign should always be connected to a so called “landing page” , a page of destination containing an appealing call to action inviting the user to leave his contacts in the given form.

Very excellent call to action are the offer of for free pieces of information. E-books, free trials, discounts, coupons, free consults, brochures, depending on the service supplied by the brand.

The contact form should always include at least a tab where to drop the email address and additional other details. For linking these contacts to an email automation’s list of subscribers it’s necessary to even ask for personal data like name or date of birth.

In fact, unlike general newsletter, covering all the target audience n the same manner, an automatic workflow varies from user to user. Same email but more personalised and customized content, accompanied by a straight and informal communication register.


Customized emails not spam

We can find fee tools and software for developing automatic emails online. But what’s the risk?

The major thread for a winning flow of emails is to end up in the junk box and be labelled as spam.

Not to fall over this and to risk of wasting a lot of money and time, we always suggest trusting experienced and expert marketers or agencies.

The tools in possession of professional marketers are way different from those on the web.

The first and foremost step to follow is to analyses the target and so the addressees to whome the flow will be sent. If we notice a variety of users, differing a lot one another there should be more than one flow with different subscribers for each automation.

Secondly if we choose to deliver a specific message and convince the counterpart that this is a personal email and not just part of endless emails sent, we should be as much real as possible.

Otherwise this all will look like mere newsletter.

Remember email automation is a way for speed up communication, not spam.