Are bed bugs in your home? Parasites hide in your bed and come out at night to feed on your blood. The result is bites that cause unpleasant itching and burning. If you want to stop all this horror, you need to do only one thing – remove the parasites as soon as possible!

At the first sign of bed bug detection, act without delay and call a professional disinfestation as soon as possible. Leave all your belongings in the infected room and do not transfer linen, clothes, furniture and other items to another space.

Is it possible to remove bedbugs on your own?

Household chemicals designed to destroy bed bugs are freely available, it will not be difficult for you to purchase them from local store. However, an important disadvantage of folk chemicals is the fact that they are less effective than professional chemicals.

You need to destroy not only the entire colony of adults, but also nymphs and clutches of eggs. If you miss even one nest or clutch of eggs, after a while the pests will begin to multiply again. And before you realize it, your home will be reintrodested.

Methods of exposure to remove bed bug at home:

Glue-based traps with a heating element. The device simulates human breathing – the main attractant for blood-sucking parasites. Such devices are considered the most effective for bed bug removal. Despite the action of the bait, the “smell of the human spirit” is most attractive to pests.

Aerosols and sprays. Spray the substance into all cracks, joints and crevices of the bed, as well as around the affected area and into all places of the intended habitat of pests. Before using chemicals, read the instructions carefully!

Parasites do not withstand high temperatures. Treat infected areas with a steam device. Some items and clothing need to be washed at a temperature of + 60 ° C or more. Carry out the treatment for at least half an hour, otherwise the insects will survive.

How to quickly remove parasites?

A reliable way to get rid of parasites in the shortest possible time is to seek help from the NEA disinfection company. An integrated approach to solving the problem at a professional level will give an effective result!

A bed bug removal specialist will accurately identify the places of shelter of parasites, correctly select chemicals and treatment methods suitable specifically for your situation.

The most reliable and sure way to breed bedbugs is to call a professional pest control specialist who has the necessary knowledge and experience to do everything right. The contaminated area will be treated with occupational chemicals. Bed bug, in contact with such a substance, immediately dies.

To stimulate the bug to get out of hiding, stay asleep in your bed.

Thus, heading to the usual place of the meal, the insect crosses the space treated with a chemical substance.

This chemical product has a long-lasting effect. After some time, when the young appear, they will also go to the usual place – the “bed”, but to no avail, since coming into contact with the chemical substance, they are doomed to destruction.

Bed Bug Removal Action Plan:

  • Enlist the support of a NEA disinfection company system who will control the entire process until they are completely destroyed.
  • Leave all things and objects in the infected room until complete treatment;
  • After treating the infected areas, you need to go to bed on a bed in the same room. The bug, in contact with the chemical, dies;
  • Washing of clothes and bed linen should take place at a temperature of at least 60 ° C
  • For several weeks, you should not clean the treated area so as not to remove the chemical.