How To Prevent Wrinkles On Your Clothes

Doing laundry itself is already daunting. What more if you have to iron your clothes after washing and drying them? The hours you spend on laundry each week become longer. 

Luckily, there are more opportunities that help our clothes not to have wrinkles. Laundry equipment, newer fabric materials, and laundry services that offer wash, dry, iron, and fold. However, even when these have lessened the probability of our clothes having wrinkles, if your laundry practices are incorrect, your clothes may still become wrinkled.

Here are some tips to help your clothes look at their best with less probability of ironing them.

Sort Laundry Loads

Washing and drying is the main reason why your clothes wrinkle, but they have to undergo the process. You can counteract this by sorting your laundry loads before throwing them in the washer and dryer.

Sorting laundry loads is not only by colors. If you want to prevent your clothes from having wrinkles, you should separate your clothes by their fabric weight and content. Washing lightweight clothes with heavy jeans can cause lighter items to be wrinkled.

Moreover, lightweight items dry quicker. The longer your clothes spend time in the dyer, the more likely their wrinkles become deeply set.

Choose the Appropriate Dryer Setting

Most dryers have the same drying process: heat air, drum tumbles the clothes through the warm air, and exhaust the moisture. But, the cycles have differences that can make your clothes come out wrinkle-free or with deep wrinkles.

Go for a gentle cool-down cycle, this makes the fibers relax their original shape. Do not set your dryer to high heat, wrinkles become deeply set and require more ironing to smoothen the fabric.

Unload Clothes from Dryer Properly

Unloading your clothes from a dryer is quite easy. You have to scoop out the clothes and pile them in your laundry basket. However, you have to act quickly on your clothes and fold them correctly. If you leave the clothes in the basket, the weight of the clothes will only cause wrinkles on the clothes.

When you remove a piece of clothing from the dryer, give it the snap to remove any clinging items and smooth out the wrinkles. 

Keep Closets and Drawers Organized

Do not cram your newly washed clothes into your closet or drawer. Ensure that they are completely dry before putting them away. Damp clothes are prone to easy wrinkling. Moreover, give your clothes space for air to circulate; cramming them inside the drawer makes them wrinkled.

Steam Clothes to Remove Wrinkles Easily

Clothes become slightly wrinkled when you remove them from your closet or suitcase. You can use a wrinkle releaser or steam your clothes. You do not have to use the iron. 

If you do not have time to wash, dry, and iron your clothes, it is best to appoint a laundry pickup and delivery service. It is interesting to know there are services that can help you keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free.