Everyone knows that knowledge is power, so parents always do their best to send their children to the best international schools in Singapore. You should know that no matter how hard life gets and parents have to work overtime, they never surrender to providing the best education for their children.

Students like you must put in a lot of effort to achieve high academic standing because education is one of the secrets to a successful life. That is the only way to thank your parents for their hard work. Thus, you better study hard and do well when you attend a top international school in Singapore.

Part I: What Is An International School?

An international school is like any educational institution that teaches students to understand cultural differences. Since every culture has its own belief and common sense, exposing students to an international environment can help them embrace a global focus.

If your parents have decided to enrol you in one of the international schools in East Singapore, you have to know the level of education is much higher than in local schools.

To guarantee that you will study hard and do well in a top international school, here are the different things you need to do while attending there.

Part II: 14 Ways To Do Well In A Top International School In Singapore

1. Practice Your Introduction

First impressions last might be a cliche line that you often hear in movies, but you have to make an excellent first impression during your first day at your top international school to get along with your classmates.

Having a good relationship with your classmates can help you do well in school since you will become more comfortable studying with them.

2. Research About The School

You have to so you are ready to answer questions related to your top international school in Singapore. Remember that attending the same education institution is one of the first topics you will talk about with your classmates and teachers.

3. Regularly Attend The Class

Like in local schools, you have to attend your class in all IGCSE subjects. Skipping one class will cause you to miss a lot of lessons, which might be one of the reasons why you will fail your exams.


4. Pay Attention In Class

Besides having complete attendance, ensure that your mind is present in class since teachers will conduct recitation after they discuss the lessons. When you listen to your teacher’s discussion, you might know the answer to their questions, which can help you earn more grading points.

5. Take Notes Legibly

As you pay attention in class at your top international school, guarantee that you are taking notes well. Write as legibly as possible so you can understand the text you have written when you read them later. A legible note can also help you a lot when you have to review your lessons for exams.

6. Use A Red Pen To Highlight Significant Details

Apart from having notes, highlight important details with a red pen. It will help you remember them more, which can be helpful during recitations and exams.

7. Always Do Your Homework

No matter how much homework you get in your IGCSE subjects, you should always complete them. You should know that homework has a huge contribution to your overall grades.


8. Look For A Homework Buddy

Completing homework is fun for some students, but they also find homework very difficult. When you find yourself in such situations, look for a homework buddy.

By working together, you can complete your homework much faster and have more time to do other things. After all, two brains are way better than one.

You can form a study group if you have found more homework buddies.

9. Review Your Lessons

You have to review your lessons unless you have a photographic memory that allows you to recall things that you have read. That way, you are ready in class when your teachers ask you to recite or answer something on the board.

Reviewing your lessons can also be helpful if your teachers love to give surprise tests.

10. Talk To Teachers To Clear Things Up

Every top international school in Singapore is like other local schools. After discussing a lesson, teachers will ask students if they understand everything. When that happens, go and talk to your teachers when you have to clear something up.

11. Keep A To-Do List


No matter how good human memories are, some people tend to forget things. You should keep a to-do list to guarantee that will not happen to you and miss completing your homework or submitting a project.

Consider setting a reminder with your to-do list so something will remind you every day and before the deadline comes.

12. Get Involved In Group Assignments

Even the best international schools in Singapore also have group assignments like local schools. Teachers conduct such things to help students hone their teamwork skills. After all, the real world is a place where employees work together, especially if they are under one department.

13. Take A Multivitamin Before Bedtime

A healthy body can help you get better grades. If you have good stamina that allows you to study for long hours, the more you can guarantee that you will do well in school.

14. Refresh Your English Language Skills

All international schools in East Singapore consider English as the common language. Teachers use English to teach and conduct exams that students need to answer. Thus, improve your English vocabulary so you can understand the lessons and pass your IGCSE subjects!

Conclusion: Be A Responsible Student To Pave A Better Life!

Even though there are many things you have to do well in a top international school in Singapore, everything will be worth it. Being a responsible student will help you lead a better life in addition to earning higher grades than your peers.

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