How to Prepare Your Child for Ballet Class?

Is this the first day of your child’s kids ballet class? Are you somehow as nervous as your youngster? Fret not! Here is a guide to help you get prepared for your child’s first step into the world of ballet.

Things to Bring to Ballet Class

Wonder what to pack into your child’s ballet bag? The most important items would be her dancing clothes and shoes. Some additional items you can consider tossing into the bag are a sweatshirt or jacket if your child is susceptible to colder temperatures. Jackets can be easily worn over your child’s leotards and will not hinder her movement. Take care to add in a full bottle of water for your child to drink after a hard session of dancing. You can also whip up some snacks for your child to enjoy after the class.

For toddlers who have a favourite soft toy or pillow that they cannot part with, you can probably make an exception to bring it along. Nonetheless, do make it clear to them to leave their prized possession in the bag during dance sessions to avoid any unwanted tussles with other students.

Preparation Before the Class

Before showing up to class, it is important that you prepare your child mentally and emotionally. Your kid needs to bring a positive mindset! This is vital to learning about new things. Before you get here, attempt to start a conversation with them about the class. Let them know how thrilled you are about their achievements. That will help them to gain confidence and be able to articulate their emotions back to you as well. Tell them to enjoy their classes to decrease any pressure that they may have.

Proper Attire

For young children, the requirements for ballet attire are usually not that strict. Essentially, they can wear tutus, princess costumes, simple leotards and tights paired with a sturdy pair of ballet flats. The general guideline here is to wear clothes that are form fitting and light for easier dancing and also aid instructor observations.

Shopping for Ballet Attire

It is not necessary for you to purchase branded ballet gear for your child. This is because young children grow out of their clothes and footwear in a matter of months. Opt for generic brands that carry acceptable quality ballet clothes and shoes, so long as your child is comfortable in them. Once your child’s growth is more stable and they have advanced to higher levels, you can proceed to buy higher quality ballet gear that can last and can withstand hours of use.

It is certainly an exciting event to journey with your child into the world of ballet. Just be sure to follow the list above to ensure that your child can get the best experience ever when attending ballet for kids.