Don’t Waste Time! 7 Facts Until You Reach Your Sex Doll

Are you planning on buying a Japanese sex dolls or love dolls? If your answer to the question is yes, then it is very important for you to know about a certain fact which will further help you in deciding whether or not you should buy a sex doll. It has been seen that many people have a lot of misconceptions that need to be cleared for one to have a broader and open mind. This article deals with the fact that needs to be known before one buys a sex doll.


Before buying a Japanese sex dolls it is necessary for one to have full knowledge about the facts on sex dolls. So, don’t waste time! 7 facts until you reach your sex doll.

  1. Heavy

Whenever one thinks of a doll, the first thing that comes in their mind Is lightweight, beautiful, and adorable. Although love dolls have the latter two features which are adorable and beautiful but they aren’t at all lightweight. In fact, it is said that these dolls are too heavy. Their body weight usually starts from 75 pounds and can go as high as 115 pounds. Isn’t it shocking?  Yes, the doll which you use to drive sexual pleasure is as heavy as any real woman.  This is what gives you the feeling of having sex with a real woman when you insert your dick into her.

  1. Idollators

Idolators are names given to men who are totally into sex dolls. There are a lot of men who find sex dolls to be the best companions. The people who actually tried sex dolls as sexual partners and as girlfriends. The main reason behind this kind of treatment is that unlike real flesh and blood women, this love doll do not lie, or cheat on their partners. This has been seen to be the biggest advantage. Men are not afraid of being left alone one fine day. This has led them to treat these dolls like women and they are crazy about it.

  1. Barbie dolls were inspired by a sex doll

We are very much aware of the famous ‘Barbie doll’ that kids love so much. Little girls have a craze for different types of Barbie dolls. But, there is a hidden mystery behind its invention. Barbie dolls were first invented with the intention of bringing really lightweight and beautiful sex dolls in the market. In the year 1950, this doll was brought into the market with the hope of ruling the adult world with a replica of a German actress. It was named Bild Lilli. She did not have any holes for the entrance of the dick.

  1. Dutch wives or dick pockets

It is very well known that the job of a sailor is not easy. They need to be on the sea for months and even for years. These sailors used to miss their wives a lot and were in the need for some kind of sexual pleasure. It was then that they came up with the idea of Sex dolls made up of leather. These dolls were popularly known as ‘Dutch Wives’ and were also called by a weird name ‘dick puppets’. They introduced it to Japan where it is still known by that weird name.

  1. Male sex dolls

Although the focuses on female sex dolls are much more in the market, yet there are some male dolls as well. These male dolls are constructed in such a manner that not only can they provide sexual pleasure to the women but also people of the same sex. These male dolls are masculine and given a beard and all the features that make the sex dolls look like real men. They are magically carved and given body shape. It is hard to resist this love doll, even if the male dolls take up only 10% of the market.

  1. Howard Stern sex on the air

Although the invention of the sex dolls has been very old yet, it has only gained popularity in recent times. Howard Stern has made it famous and contributed towards the excessive demand for these dolls. He had taken a sex doll in his show and had sex with her on air. Everyone was a witness to this incident. It also helped to arouse the sexual urges of a few men who rushed to the market the very next day. The hole of the vagina helps people to get lost in the heavenly world of sex and fantasy.

  1. Married sex doll

There is a man in Michigan who has actually married a sex doll. He also keeps two more sex dolls who act as companions for him. There are many people who are as crazy as him about sex dolls. Sex dolls are known to be the perfect replacement for real women as real women are often nagging and irritating. This is why men buy sex dolls and treat them just the way they would have treated their wives or partners.