How to pass your CMA exams

Getting your CMA to the next level can be difficult for many people. Many of them have a difficult time taking the exams because they are not prepared adequately, or they have not worked hard enough in the prior years to pass their exams. Fortunately, you do not need to work too hard to prepare for these exams. The tips here will help you pass your exams and increase your opportunities for a career as a Certified Management Accountant.

Start studying for the exams as soon as possible

You have to start studying for the exams as soon as possible. You have to plan the course of study in a way that makes sense for you. The easiest way to go about the process is to learn material one at a time and then work on the test section(s) you have to work on after you learn the initial material. This is also the best way to learn things quickly. 

If you try to cram so much material into your study schedule that you cannot keep up, you will be left behind with your studies halfway through the semester or the exam. This will affect your grades.

There are different ways to study for a CMA. If you work toward getting your Certified Management Accountant certification in as little time as possible, then you should begin studying for the MCITP exam using books and review material. This will save you money and it will work well when you have to sit for multiple examinations.

Using the Gleim guide will help you achieve your goals. There are many different guides out there, and some are better than others. One thing you want to make sure you buy a good one is one that has time frame based exams. You should also look for material that is presented in a way that you can understand easily. Most exams present information in a step by step format. If you have problems understanding the information, then you will struggle with passing the exams.

Make sure you take the time to practice making notes

When you want to know how to pass your certified management accountant exams, it is important that you pace yourself. Some people find that knowing the material and studying for a couple of weeks will prepare them well for the exam. However, if you work at a fast pace for a couple of weeks, you may find yourself becoming fatigued before the exam. Make sure you take into account your personal life and other commitments when determining how long you should study for a particular test. Some people find that it takes only a few days to get through the material needed for each exam.

Another tip on how to pass your certified management accountant exams is to make sure you take the time to practice making notes. Most exams will ask you to make extensive notes. Make sure you make good notes so you do not miss anything important. Studying well is vital because you need to be able to remember everything you learned on the exams.

Take time to understand what will be on the exam

One of the most important tips on the matter of how to pass your exams is to make sure you understand what will be on the exam. Many people do not understand what will be on the exam and end up failing the certification test. Even if you feel you understand everything, do your best to relax and understand the questions you will face on the exam. You can use guides and manuals to help you understand the material. If you do your best to relax and not think too much, you will find yourself doing well on the exam.

You can find sample exams on the internet

The last few certified management accountant exams will be a little bit more difficult than the others. They will also be a little bit harder to study for. Make sure you cover all the topics in the book by looking at multiple copies. Studying will be easier if you understand what is being taught. Make sure you practice the things you did not understand fully in the book but remember to review all of the topics from the book to make sure you understand them fully.

You can find sample exams on the internet specifically at You will need to find a good testing site that allows you to log in and take a practice test before taking the real thing. If you have friends or colleagues that took these exams recently, you may want to ask them which sites they used to prepare. If they had success, then they will be able to point you in the right direction.