A complete guide for the preparation for the NEET exam

NEET, which is short for the National Eligibility cum Entrance test. It is the only medical exam conducted in India. It also includes admission to the MBBS course in all the government medical institutes. The NEET examination has replaced the entrance examinations to AIIMS and JIPMER.

If you are preparing for the tests, you should go through the following preparation tips as it is the complete guide for the exam-

  • Be familiar with the syllabus

The syllabus for this examination is vast, and you should be thorough with it to come out with brilliant colors. You should make sure to cut down on the extra information. You should focus on all the essential topics that need your attention. The NEET examination covers the NCERT syllabus as well. You should focus more on the areas in which you are lagging in.

  • High-quality study material

We know how difficult it is to select suitable study material for the examination. You can choose the appropriate material for the examination with your teachers’ help and online experts’ assistance. You can also reach out to the seniors and coordinate with them and ask them for tips. One can also go through the interviews of the previous candidates who already gave the examination. 

  • Create a realistic timetable

Preparing a timetable and adhering to it is very important. A well-structured timetable will help you follow a disciplined approach to the NEET examination. Following are some of the best ways to prepare for the examination-

  • Get a calendar and a diary.
  • Set out long hours of study.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Prepare subject-wise and chapter-wise timetables.


  • Prepare notes while learning.

Preparing notes and jotting down important things while learning is the best way to improve your memory skills. You should always try to write the notes clearly, as it helps you during revision. It is also essential to prepare mind maps for topics that are a little difficult or complex. 

  • Revise regularly

It is essential to maintain momentum and study regularly. You should keep brushing up on your knowledge even if you have mastered a particular topic. Revision holds great importance during your NEET exam preparation. Following are some things to be taken into consideration while studying-

  • While you revise, you should make sure to emphasize all the weak and essential areas.
  • You should see that you revise all the formulae and derivations thoroughly.
  • Go through all the critical reactions, equations, and mechanisms.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

All the aspirants should follow a healthy diet and eat iron-containing foods the foods containing vitamin B help to boost the brain by providing the nutrients and minerals it needs.

  • Practice mock tests

Time management is the most important aspect of any kind of examination. You should always keep in mind that you should follow the timetable that you have prepared and follow it accordingly. Practicing test papers regularly gives you a knack for managing time. All the students should give mock tests each week.



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