How to Find the Top Local SEO Experts for You – A Guide

Local searches weren’t always a thing with Google. It didn’t have the tools available to display local results, so people relied on business websites to get information. Today that isn’t the case.

Local SEO is bigger than ever. So much so that an estimated 50% of all Google searches are for local searches. That’s why it pays to find help with ranking on the front page for local searches.

If you’re interested in finding the top local SEO experts, you need to understand how great SEO companies work. Below is everything to look for when trying to find SEO services.

Look for Industry Leaders

It’s easy for someone to say they’re an SEO expert. It’s another to prove it by getting professional certifications and getting references from previous customers.

Don’t take someone’s word that they’re great at SEO. Make sure they can prove it by providing their qualifications and a list of satisfied customers. You can then speak to those customers to learn about their experience with an SEO provider.

Consider Pricing Options

While more prominent SEO providers may have monthly retainers, that isn’t your only SEO pricing option. If you’re on a budget and can’t commit long-term to an SEO company, you can also get pricing based on every service you need.

You can pay per article, backlink, and piece of SEO optimization. Consider how much it will cost for a monthly SEO package and how much individual service costs. From there, you can figure out how to get the most value for your money.

Learn About the SEO Process

While many factors play into ranking on Google, most SEO experts agree on the basic SEO process. Because of that, there shouldn’t be too much variation in the SEO process offered by an SEO expert.

Ask your SEO providers what their SEO process is like. Getting this information will tell you more about if a company follows Google’s rules and will use best practices. Check out the Ultimate Guide For Local SEO to learn more about how to handle local SEO.

Ask About Progress Reports

SEO being a long process isn’t an excuse to not hear from your SEO provider. You need to understand what you’re paying for when working with a marketing company. An SEO company doing the work should be able to provide this information.

Check what report frequency you should expect from your SEO provider. The top local SEO services will report back at least once a month with what they did for you and any SEO success.

Look for Case Studies

SEO is a data-driven process. You look at what other websites do to rank, try to follow an established formula, and see the results with ranking increases. You can track all of that process with data.

SEO experts know this and produce case studies that show what they can do. Look at the case studies offered by the local SEO companies you speak with. If you don’t see any studies on a website, get in touch with a company representative to ask for some.

Start Your Search for the Top Local SEO Experts Today

SEO is a great way to get constant visitors to your website, but it takes work to get right. That’s why finding the top local SEO experts is critical. Use the guide above to find SEO help, so you don’t waste months with a company that doesn’t do the job right.

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