Good-looking and practical how to do the bathroom? Try these 10 points, girls will like point 3

The bathroom accounts for a small area of the entire house, but the frequency of use is extremely high, washing, toilets, showers and so on are in this space, so how to make this small space of dozens of square feet look good and practical?

How to make a good-looking and practical bathroom? I share these 10 points today.

  • wet and dry separation design

Wet and dry design will really improve the sense of happiness, but if the bathroom area is really too small, the installation of glass partition or separate shower room is too crowded, in fact, you can use the shower curtain or water barrier design, which saves more space, the shower will not make the whole bathroom wet.

  • Installation of storage mirror cabinet

Bathroom mirror is essential, but on the simple mirror or some waste of space, may wish to install a mirror cabinet with storage, not only to meet the need to put some toothbrush tooth cup and other toiletries, but also to meet the needs of the mirror, efficient use of space.

  • Installation of mirror front light

Bathroom only the main light is completely inadequate, the light in front of the mirror will be somewhat dim, so we can install a mirror light, the visual effect is simple and versatile, but also functional, such as my favorite defogging function, no longer after the shower mirror can not see themselves, and more convenient to make up every day!

  • Washbasin with scrubbing board design

Hand washing sink to increase the design of the rubbing board this point is estimated that few people use, but with is truly feel good, because we have some intimate clothing ah, towels ah and so inconvenient to put into the washing machine, single hand rubbing is more laborious, the addition of rubbing board design, save a lot of effort.

  • Overhang below the sink

Overhanging bathroom cabinets simply do not work too well, made of wall-row overhanging bathroom cabinets, one can increase storage, the empty space below can put buckets, benches and so on, the second wall-row can also block the sewer, more beautiful.

  • Design niche on the wall for storage

I believe that friends who are ready to decorate look at a lot of decoration cases, the shower storage is also very important, we can design storage niches in the walls, used to put bath supplies, if the shower area space is limited, then the installation of storage shelves on the wall is also ok, play the same role.

  • installation of thermostatic shower

Through my personal experience, thermostatic shower is really good, we do not have to take a bath repeatedly to adjust the water temperature, especially in winter, thermostatic shower simply do not too comfortable.

  • Toilet side mounted gun

Install a toilet gun on the side of the toilet is necessary, the gun has a strong water pressure impulse, you can easily achieve the effect of cleaning the toilet, but also clean the ground it, so that housework becomes twice the effort.

  • sockets to have splash-proof function

The bathroom is often used inside the water, but also always diffuse moisture, so the bathroom socket needs to have splash-proof function, especially in the shower area and near the sink, these easy to spray water location should pay more attention to the use of we can install the socket with splash-proof box, can effectively reduce the safety risks.

  • Anti-slip tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom water frequency is extremely high, there are certain safety hazards, so we need to lay non-slip tiles, especially the elderly and children’s families, it is necessary to pay attention to.

The above is a good-looking and practical bathroom essential 10 points, you remember? In addition, if the bathroom area is originally small, then we try to increase the storage function, the use of some fragmented space, such as the narrow slit on the side of the toilet, the narrow slit on the side of the sink and so on, these small spaces can put a lot of things it!