How to cleanse Kunzite

It is a magnificent crystal and can range from subtle pink to light shades of violet. It is important to know how to clean it for maintaining the ability to establish a relationship between the heart and the mind and a sense of unconditional love and peace. There are a few simple methods to cleanse your Kunzites, such as selenite sound and visualization.

Selenite is an effective and simple way to cleanse the crystal by using a selenite plate. Place the Kunzite on the piece of selenite. The greater the interaction between the selenite and Kunzite, the greater will be the cleansing process. There are two things to keep in mind the size

of selenite must be larger than the crystal, and the Kunzite being cleansed must touch the selenite plate. For the finest cleansing, you must allow staying the crystal there for 24 hours. Another beautiful method to cleanse is the use of sound. Bells, tuning forks and even your own voice in the form of repeating mantras or prayers could be the best option to cleanse. This method is independent of the source of the sound. Firstly, set your intentions. Select the music or anything and let it washes over your crystal. Let the music wash over each crystal and flush away the unwanted energies. Focus on each piece, and it takes almost 10 minutes. Visualization is considered to be the safest method. It involves human energy and thoughts. It begins with your intentions. Hold the Kunzite in hand and sit in a comfortable position. Visualize the white light around the crystal and then passing through the crystal s, unwanted energies are being washed away. It can also be recharged as it was cleaned. If you want to keep energy robust, clean it at least once a month.

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