How to become a private hire taxi driver

If you like the idea of driving for a living and also like working with the public then you might be suited to working as a private hire taxi driver.

Below are some of the main things you will need to take care of to get work as a private hire taxi driver.

Getting a licence

The requirements for obtaining a taxi driver’s licence will vary depending on which part of the country you live in. Generally, the requirements for most councils are quite similar and consist of similar procedures, with London being the exception. The ‘Knowledge’ is a test you must pass in order to work as a taxi driver in London and it is notoriously difficult.

The basic requirements when applying for a taxi driver’s licence are as follows –

  • You must be at over 21 years of age
  • You must be legally be allowed to work and live in the UK
  • You must hold a current and full UK or EU driving licence

In addition to this you are also required to pass a medical test as well as a good character assessment to prove you don’t have any serious convictions and indicate if you would be suitable for the job. Each council will likely also have their own competency test that tests your knowledge of the city you want to work in.

Getting insurance

When you use your vehicle for to make money, it’s no longer covered by regular car insurance. You must instead acquire a special private hire taxi insurance policy. This will not only protect you for road risks but also includes cover for risks such as liability claims.

You can get private hire taxi insurance quotes very easily by using specialist taxi insurance sites. Getting multiple quotes is a great way you can save money on taxi insurance so it’s always worth doing.

Finding work

In order to find work as a Hull private hire taxi driver, you will ideally have a good amount of previous experience working as a taxi driver or at least in some other kind of driving job. However this isn’t always a requirement since everyone has to start somewhere.

The fact that Uber exists shows that private hire taxi drivers now have other options than simply working for a mini cab or black cab company. You can now get your own work through the Uber app, providing you meet their requirements.