7 Ways to Increase Readability: How to Make Your Blog Posts Easier to Understand


There is a lot of information available online. A lot!

To attract readers and make sure they fully digest your message, you must make your blog post easy to read and understand. This is called readability.

If a blog post is confusing or unclear, people will quickly click to the next post or site. Then you’ve lost a reader, as well as the possibility of them sharing your message in Utah and beyond.

But it’s not that hard to make your blog posts simple and easy to read. Here are a few ways to increase the readability of your writing. If you would like to make sure your posts pass the test, hire an SEO company to assess your blog and offer solutions to drive traffic.

1. Simple Language

It may seem hard to believe, but the average citizen in Utah reads at about a 7th-grade level. It’s essential to use simple words and phrases to make sure your reader understands the post.

Unless you’re writing about a niche subject with highly technical jargon (such as a tech or medical blog), make sure to use simple language. Bloggers wanting to up their readability can reach out to a company known for SEO strategy to get expert help.

2. Short Sentences

In addition, put those simple words into short, easy to read sentences. Your sentences should rarely have more than 20 words. It’s also helpful to vary sentence structure by making some sentences short and some longer. This helps with making your writing more interesting to readers.

An experienced SEO company can help you structure your posts for maximum clicks.

3. Transition Words

Words and phrases such as “and”, “therefore”, and “in addition to” are clues that direct the reader to understand your message fully. It helps people to quickly take in your meaning, even if they are skimming the article.

Many blog owners in Utah use an SEO company to optimize blog posts and increase traffic.

4. Subheadings

And speaking of skimming, most readers spend an average of 15 seconds on a post. People tend to scan the content and rarely read to the end. One way to get your message across quickly is to use subheadings that put your main points in big, bold font.

Companies specializing in using SEO know just how to use headings effectively. Even if a reader is briefly scanning your post, subheadings will make sure they understand the point. Which is a huge win for your blog!

5. Larger Font

Another visually appealing way to entice readers to stay on the page longer is to use a large font. Not AARP-sized, although if your target audience is over 65, that may be the way to go.

But remember that your goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to read to the end. Don’t make them squint and possibly click off the page.

6. Short Paragraphs

Brief paragraphs will also help your readers quickly digest the message. White space around the text makes the page look more visually appealing. Paragraphs should be three to five sentences long, and you should err on the side of caution and keep things short.

If you need help structuring your blog posts, contact a top SEO company to get the best results.

7. Pull-Out Quotes

When you have an interesting fact or quote that you’d like to highlight, try publishing it as a pull-out quote in a large font. This helps your readers to see it, even if they may not read through the whole paragraph.

Humorous or strange facts can capture a reader’s attention and entice them to keep reading your post. Using an SEO Company can help make a measurable difference in your posts.

Readability is a crucial factor in successful blogging. There are excellent options for SEO companies in Utah that can improve your readability, leading to more traffic and increased shares for your blog.

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