How to Ask for the Bill in Spain

If you want to receive invoices by email, then you need to know how to ask for the bill in Spain. However, you just have to enter your tax details or those of your company or hire an SEO copywriter. The simplified invoice that you obtain as an individual user is legally valid according to the current billing regulations (RD 1619/2012). If you make a trip as a businessman or professional with competent authority approval, in the exercise of your activity, and you have the right to a deduction.

You can follow the steps outlined below, to issue an invoice with itemized VAT. Remember to add the tax data before making the trips. Please note that we cannot generate invoices for trips made before you provide us with your financial information.

How to Ask for the Bill in Spain and What Is the Mandatory Billing Information?

What information is mandatory and what billing elements must appear on an invoice in order for them to comply with all formal and legal requirements? The time has come to make your first invoice and get competent authority approval. It seemed something simple, you get down to work and… Where do I start? Well, calm down! we are going to see all the billing information that must appear on the invoice, as well as all the information of each one of them, an invoice example, and a template so that you can make the invoice easy.

Let’s go there!

How To Issue An Invoice And Data To Invoice

If you have to issue an invoice to a client, either for a service performed or for a product sold and you have to start creating your first invoice, you must know the essential data that an invoice must have as well as the elements that you must incorporate. For an invoice to be valid, you must add the following information to the invoice in a mandatory way.

Commercial Registry Information (Only for companies)

We are going to detail each of them below, to be able to see how you should reflect this data on the invoice. All these data for an invoice are necessary and useful and you should not forget that they can also be customizable with a specific invoice designer or copywriter.

💥 BONUS: Remember that, in order to easily manage and issue invoices, you can try an online billing program, which will solve recurring problems such as numbering, document management, control of your business treasury, present your taxes or avoid chopping your bills by hand.

Invoice numbering

Numbering is the most important element of billing information. All invoices must be numbered, and we must also follow a correlative numbering. To keep your billing in order, you can create numbering series, that is, prefixes that allow you to identify a set of bills in a simpler way. For example, we start the 2021 / numbering series for all the invoices that we are going to issue in 2021. To the first invoice, we assign the number 2021/1, to the second invoice that we issue, we will assign the number 2021/2, the third on 2021/3… And we will continue to do so in a correlative way. Although it is not mandatory to change the numbering series, it is recommended to create a new numbering series for each year, to keep billing orderly.

💡 TIP: You can learn these online skills for free and set the pace. They will be valid as long as you respect the correlation within each one of them.

How To Create An Invoice?

You can create income invoices and record the expenses of your business or activity so that you can keep track of your billing. If you want to make an invoice online, you can try the build an app by hiring an app developer or learn how to do it. In addition, the online software allows you to manage your billing so that you can know the status of your business with updated data and thus keep your company or activity up to date 🙂


It is important to have control over all the billing of your company or activity. This does not only mean issuing and paying customer and supplier invoices but also having real-time visibility of the status of your business or activity and having data to make forecasts for your business as well as updated and orderly information to be able to pass accounts with the Tax Agency. at the end of the Trimester.

☝️ Quipu helps you manage your billing in an agile way and gives you information about the status of your business, so you can make company forecasts with updated data in real-time. In addition, it fills in the tax forms so that you can submit your taxes to the Treasury in just one click.

How is the billing process?

The billing process can start at a time before the invoice is issued to your client. Generally, and when it comes to a service, as the issuer of the invoice we can make a budget or a proforma invoice indicating to the client the conditions of sale of our service.


These are the steps on how to ask for the bill in Spain with competent authority approval. Subsequently, the invoice is created waiting for the client to pay us for it. It is important to have visibility about the payment status of this invoice. There are different types of invoices, beyond the ordinary invoice. Therefore, we are going to see the list of invoices that exist, so that we can get an idea of ​​all those types of an invoice that can be made. We recommend that you read the article on the differences between a simplified ticket or invoice and an ordinary invoice if you need more information on this topic.