When you’re invited to a wedding, it’s a tradition to prepare a gift. And it applies even when you can’t physically attend the couple’s special day. If you’re not a veteran wedding attendee yet, it can be quite puzzling to determine just how much you need to spend on wedding gifts for bride and groom.

In reality, there are no set rules as to the exact amount or budget range for wedding gifts. However, there are published studies that provide numerical insights into this matter. For instance, Americans who are family members of the bride or groom tend to spend a minimum of $13-. An attendee who’s a distant friend or a colleague spends about $50 to $75. Some guests are even willing to spend up to $350, depending on the situation.

However, take note that these figures are mere averages and estimates. There are many other factors to consider when preparing a gift for the couple. Here are some of them.

Know your relationship with them. When shopping for wedding gifts for bride and groom, your first consideration is your relation to them. As stated, those who are close to them (e.g. Family members, even close friends) tend to spend more than their colleagues, for instance. Put yourself in the couples’ shoes. If you’re marrying, you’d expect your sister to give a more expensive gift than your high school classmate.

Determine your financial capacity. This is an important thing to factor in. When you’re gifting a couple who’s tying the knot, you should allocate a budget that you’re really willing to spend. Don’t let the couple’s or your fellow wedding guest’s spending habits dictate yours.

Consider your role in the wedding. Apart from the kind of relationship you share with the bride and/or groom, you also have to take into account your particular role for the wedding. For instance, if you’re a bridesmaid and the couple has already shouldered your attire and accommodation expenses, then it only makes sense to give a pricier present (e.g. At least $125).

Go for a group gift. If you don’t have the capacity to spend over a hundred dollars but you really want to gift a couple something relatively expensive from their registry, consider pitching in for a group gift. For example, you can tap your fellow bridesmaids and chip in to buy your wedding present.

Take into account the location of the wedding. If the wedding is a destination wedding, it’s generally acceptable for attendees to opt for a budget-friendly gift. To put things into perspective, a typical destination wedding guest spends about $1,300 to cover their food, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Don’t leave out cultural norms. Also, you have to be mindful of the cultural observances of the couple. In Cantonese weddings, gifts worth $888 are common because they consider “8” as a lucky number.

These factors are important things to weigh when buying wedding gifts for bride and groom. But, don’t forget the most important point: preparing a present from the heart. No matter the price tag of your gift, the genuine emotions that you put into it are priceless.