While we will all agree that the main highlight of every wedding is the ceremony. Nobody actually cares about the paperwork except the couple. Prospective marriage mates considering settling down right now will find this piece interesting especially if they reside in New York. While most people may not be aware, there is a difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate. A marriage license is simply a document that is used to show that a couple is getting married. On the other hand, a marriage certificate is a document that shows that they are married legally based on the requirements and within the jurisdiction of the state and federal laws.

In the United States, the requirements for obtaining a marriage license may differ from one state to another. For those seeking to get married and obtain this license in New York, it is important that they bear in mind that there is a 60 days validity period. While some states have the 90 days validity period, others like New York and Illinois have adopted the 60 days validity period.

Other Essential Elements Of The New York Marriage License Requirements

While we have rightly mentioned that the New York State laws have mandated that the validity period for a marriage license is 60 days, there are other things that you should take to heart when considering getting a marriage license in the state. In this section of this piece, we’ll take a look at some of these other requirements and aspects.

Unlike some of the other states in the country, applicants in New York are required to make a payment of $40 if they are to obtain the marriage license. Some states in the country will require you to make a payment of $60, New York happens to be way cheaper. Aside from being cheaper, the fee to be paid covers not just the marriage license to be obtained but the marriage issuance certificate.

Like most of the other states in the country, the New York state will require users to be eligible before they can be married. According to the laws of the state, prospective couples must be 18 years or above. However, there is an exception. Couples that are below the official marriage age of the state must present a consent form from either their parents or from a presiding judge. In the event that they present this valid consent form, these prospective couples must show substantial proof that they are capable of taking care of themselves financially.

Prospective couples will not be married in New York if they are blood relatives. In situations where things become complicated, the couple to be married must not be anything close to third cousins. If they are third cousins, then they have to be above fifty (50) years of age and unable to give birth again.

Like most of the other states, to get a marriage license in New York, applicants will have to visit the City County clerk’s office. While there, you’d be required to make a payment of $40. The waiting period for this state is 24 hours. This simply means that applicants who have been issued this license will have to wait for at least 24 hours before they can begin their wedding ceremony. When visiting the office of the county clerk, applicants are required by state laws to provide proof of identity. They may be asked to present a government-issued ID, passport photograph, a driver’s license, and birth certificate. These documents are needed to ensure that the information provided is true. In addition, applicants who have been married before will have to either present legal divorce papers or death certificate of their spouse. This document is needed to ensure that one individual is not married twice without officially being divorced.

In essence, the New York State laws have been made to be easy for everyone to adhere to. Finally, it is important that you bear in mind that the validity period for this license is 60 days and as mentioned above, it becomes effective after 24 hours of receiving this document.

Applicants are advised to have a wedding date and venue before applying for this license.  For more information, you can visit www.usamarriagelaws.com.