The Best Way to Go Remote

Even if restrictions and mandates are lifting in your area of the world, there are still reverberations of the effect of the past few years of pandemic mindset that will affect your business. Employees have realized that companies have the option to adapt, and they will continue to advocate for the sort of hybrid workplace that allows a mother to stay home with her child while working, a family to travel and visit their sick loved ones at a moment’s notice, the ability to go on a vacation without wasting vacation days. There are many benefits of having a company that allows for remote work. Changing your workplace routine from a temporary remote option to a permanent hybrid scenario takes intentionality and effort, but it can be done.

The first step to offering a complete remote workplace is to make sure that you have a network that will support your team no matter where they are. You might be based in Utah, but you will have team members who have decided to move to Colorado. To support them, you should use something like SASE VMware, which allows for a network of connectivity across any geographical distance. Additionally, it can be beneficial for many businesses to still have an in-person office. A hub, where there are computers, work events, and camaraderie, helps maintain the spirit of the company in a physical location so that it can spread to those who are in a remote capacity. SASE VMware allows for a sharing of information, data, and network, but the sharing of passion and the heart of the company has to come from the employees.

SASE VMware has many benefits for your company. With its connectivity and diversity of applications, it is able to unite where geographic distance might divide. Your information will remain secure, and your company will still be able to share their project information and updates quickly and efficiently across a secure network. Instead of the servers that service physical locations with hardware connections and wires running through the office, SASE VMware takes a different approach and faces the issue of physical distance head-on.

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