How Important is Roof Maintenance for Storms in Sydney

Being one of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney, New South Wales’s capital is renowned for the Sydney Opera House with a unique sail-like structure; Circular Quay Port and Massive Darling Harbor. Surrounded by beaches and harbour, Sydney is very prone to storms. The most recent one was on February 28, 2020.

This article aims to encourage people to be prepared well before a natural disaster strikes. Various roof repairs sydney based services are available and affordable for everyone. Roofs are made not only to provide shelter to your family but to protect you from different natural disasters. You must strengthen your number one shield against these inevitable catastrophes. Here are few things to know to make your roof storm ready:

  1. Having proper drainage – There will be a lot of rainwater falling on your roof during a storm. Since roofs are designed to be a “low slope”, wherein the water could flow freely downwards, make sure that the pipes where the water flows from the roof down to the drainage are passable. Then, water flow won’t be interrupted, and your roof won’t get too heavy to carry all the rainwater.
  2. Check which part of the house is vulnerable to water entry – Even though roofs are designed low slope, strong winds such as in the recent storm in Sydney, of 100km/h can pose a great threat. Strong winds could disrupt the proper flow of water. Water will most likely enter through your HVAC, commonly known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So, make sure your HVAC system is properly sealed.
  3. Take preventive measures to decrease the chance of damage  – Within your home, check if there is anything susceptible to water contamination, such as computers, important documents and electric wires. Make sure they are sealed or at least moved away from harm.
  4. Know exactly where the leaks usually come from – This is where repair maintenance is relevant. Through consistent maintenance, you’re going to be able to tell which part of the house has leaks. It’s like having a check-up with the doctor once in a while. Meanwhile, many roof repairs sydney companies offer free quotations while the repair work can be done later on.

There’s nothing such as being too prepared when facing storms and other natural disasters. Imagine this, the rain is pouring, and your roof is heavily leaking; what can you possibly do? You can’t fix the room while it is still raining. Most likely sealants or any material won’t do the trick. And it won’t be safe for you either to go on your roof while there is a storm.

Stay safe and dry under your roof

Consistent routine inspections and roof maintenance are on top of any storm-ready checklist. Investing your time, money and patience for a strategic plan in managing your roof will pay off. You’ll save a lot of money by avoiding costly repairs and damages in the future, and it will increase the sturdiness of the entire structure. No one can ever predict when a storm would strike, but you can be proactive and take measures to safeguard your home.