How Does an HRC Fuse Work?

What is an HRC Fuse? 

Before getting into the operational structure of an HRC, let’s understand what exactly HRC is. 

HRC is a special type of electrical fuse, and the abbreviation HRC stands for high rupturing capacity. In this fuse, the wire of the fuse carries the short circuit current within a set period. If the fault occurs in the circuit, then it blows off. It protects circuits against the effects of overcurrents. The HRC fuse is crafted with glass or any other type of chemical compound.

Keep on reading to know more about the working, types, and applications of an HRC fuse


The Working of an HRC Fuse 

HRC fuse is developed to carry a specific amount of circuit current incessantly without opening. This is known as the rated current of the fuse. When an electric circuit current runs through these element obstacles or bridges, heat is generated. Until there is a steadiness in the conduct of heat, the fuse elements keep carrying the current as intended.

When there is an imbalance in heat transfer due to overcurrent conditions such as an overload or short-circuit, the amount of heat generated is greater than the heat dissipated. This causes a rise in temperature at the fusible element’s restrictions or weak points.

When this rise in temperature reaches the melting point of the fusible element, the element bridges start to melt and break, resulting in an interruption of current flow through the fuse to the circuit.

When current flows through HRC fuses, the conductor inside the fuse heats up. When the current flowing is in huge amounts, i.e., above a certain level, the conductor melts the fuse element and disconnects the load from the supply in just a few milliseconds. Yet during this time, an arc is generated within the fuse, which in turn is quenched or extinguished by the quartz silica sand filler material.

There are status indicators on HRCs to indicate the open or closed position of the fuse.


Types of HRC Fuse 

There are three types of HRC Fuse that are:

  • NH Type Fuse 
  • Din Type Fuse 
  • Blade Type Fuse 


HRC fuses are beneficial in a number of ways. These fuses are available at economical rates as compared to other fuse types. Moreover, they are efficient and safe ticking of the prime characteristic required in any electrical device. Furthermore, HRC fuses do not require any kind of maintenance. Apart from this, high rupture capacity fuses are suitable for overload protection and are easy to work with. Their design is also simple and straightforward. 


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