Guys, Can Your Appearance Be Hurting You?

It should not come as a surprise that women tend to put more time and effort into their appearances than men.

That said this does not mean that guys should have few or no cares about how they look.

From the importance of looking good in jobs to dating and more, many guys need to think twice about how they look.

So, could your appearance be hurting you?

Don’t Take Your Appearance in a Light Manner

In thinking on if your appearance could hurt you at times, consider the following:

  1. Workplace – Depending on the type of work you do, your appearance may or may not matter. That said why take the chance in the first place? If you are in a job where your appearance does in fact matter, do you take it in a serious manner? Such jobs include those where employees have to meet with clients on a regular basis. Don’t run the risk of being caught unprepared and looking unprofessional. This can mean everything from your wardrobe to your grooming habits. Speaking of grooming habits, do you have facial hair? If so, it is important to keep it looking neat and trim. If not happy with your shaving items, go online and see what else is out there. From doing a Gillette on demand review to reviewing other brands, find the one to work best for your facial hair. Last, if you have questions on workplace rules on appearance, check with a supervisor. You never want to give the wrong impression to those who hired you.
  2. Dating – You have not dated in a while and are thinking about going back into the dating world. While this is fine, be sure your appearance is going to cut it. First dates are the one and only chance you have to make a good first impression. As such, you do not want to blow it by coming across as sloppily dressed and not taking care of your grooming needs. That said you should want to dress nice and be groomed well before you go and meet someone in person. If your date ends up not liking you, at least it won’t be over your wardrobe or grooming efforts.
  3. Family and friends – Speaking of dating, what happens when you connect with your date? You then may well have the opportunity to meet your date’s family and friends? Could your appearance end up giving some or most of them a bad first impression? While chances are you’re not going to need to wear a suit and tie, do dress the part. It is also important that you groom yourself well. A good first impression when meeting one’s family and friends could give you the welcoming you need. That is to spend many happy years together.

When it comes to your appearance, you want to do all you can to make sure people know you take it seriously.

So, if your appearance could be hurting you at the end of the day, is it time to change things for the better?