Goldendoodle Puppies: Gentle, Social and Highly Intelligent!  

Goldendoodle Dog is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. It exhibits the best traits of both their parent breeds. Goldendoodle is not a true dog breed but rather a hybrid and hence it is more popularly called a designer dog also. This international cross between the two purebred dogs can be chosen for their particular traits and characteristics. Golden doodle puppies for sale are easily available with the dog breeders.

Goldendoodle dog breeders are just adorable; they combine the temperament and personality of lovable golden retrievers and the low-shed traits of another lovable breed known as poodle. When these distinguished breeds are crossed, the result is a medium-sized dog with a dense shaggy and low shedding coat.  This resultant breed has a high level of intelligence and it is much easier to train.

Just like their golden retriever parents, Goldendoodles are great service dogs. They have a high level of intelligence and obedience which is a rare combination and can help them become the best guide dogs. The best thing about them is the fact that they are very affectionate and gentle in nature. They are very useful as they have a knack for sniffing and hence can be used in spy operations.

As they are not a true breed, their appearance can vary widely and they acquire the characteristics which their parents have. For instance, their coat can be straight or like that of a golden retriever’s or a curly one like that of a poodle but it can be somewhere between shaggy and wavy.  These puppies go through the different stages before their coat gets a final appearance. Their color can be yellow brown like that of the golden retriever or can be of any other color like white, red, brown, black, gray or white. They can be multi-colored also.

Their size may also vary and depend on what type of poodle is chosen for the breeding. Normally, golden retrievers are bred with the standard poodles for producing larger dogs but the miniature sized Goldendoodles breeds are becoming increasingly popular. Goldendoodle puppies for sale are easily available and they can weigh anywhere from 15-100 pounds. If a buyer wants to have an idea about what size dog Goldendoodle puppies will grow out to be, they need to know how their parents are.

Goldendoodles love people and can prove to be great pets because of their patient and gentle nature. They are very friendly and can prove to be highly social dogs. They can be good guard dogs and can be highly social dogs.


In short, Goldendoodles are highly energetic dogs that are just a great choice for the homeowners who want a friendly company. They have a high level of intelligence and can get easily bored by doing same things daily. They do not shed a lot and their coats can be clipped easily. It was in the early 1990s that Goldendoodles came into being. Goldendoodle puppies for sale can be bought easily from any breeder.