Fun Activities to Connect Virtually With Your Friends

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on societies. It has left us isolated at homes, but what are we doing with this newfound free time? For most of us, the natural response has been playing online games. You might have tried a lot of them, but we’re sure you wouldn’t have stumbled upon these. Take a look!

1. Night in the Woods (NITW)

This isn’t just a game – it’s a narrative adventure about mental health, braving mistakes, and the challenges of finding a place in this big bad world. The theme is painfully relatable and incredibly impactful.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This ingenious game features terraforming, crafting, and all things creative. Animal Crossing is a heartwarming break from today’s anxiety-ridden world.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

To bring some order when the world feels chaotic and unpredictable, the Jigsaw Puzzles app by Easybrain mobile game developer serves the purpose. It’s relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and makes absolute sense when the world doesn’t.

4. Fortnite

Those who enjoy action and pace will certainly favor Fortnite. It’s the industry trendsetter, and if you haven’t yet tried this one with your friends, you’re missing out on some real fun.

5. Minecraft

This game is for everyone. Its purpose is to explore, build, and survive, so you gain some self-direction and other life skills – pretty important stuff considering how we’re all feeling stuck during this pandemic.

6. Apex Legends

A true battle royale game is what we can say about Apex Legends. It has impressive features, pretty much feels like a Titanfall challenge, and has a lot in store for you.

7. Persona 5

This is a role-playing game with a perfect mix of silliness, wisdom, and charm. You may feel it’s not the game for you, but trust us when we say it’s addictive.

8. Stardew Valley 

This one’s a total chill-out game. It takes you to a cozy little community where you’ve to save your crops from a wicked crow and have some friendly characters around and a charming soundtrack. It’s sure to take your mind off everything else.

9. Kind Words

If you’re having a hard time staying calm and composed, you may find comfort in this game. All you do is write letters while other players respond to those, and you can also do the other way around. It may seem simple, but it’s mentally and emotionally very comforting.

10. Tetris Effect

If you’re a Jigsaw puzzles fan, you’ll also love playing Tetris. In fact, who doesn’t enjoy this logic game? It leads you into a Zen-like state, entirely in tune with the visuals of this game and a phenomenal soundtrack.

If you’re looking for fun online activities to stay occupied on something meaning while also connecting with your gang, try these games. Hold your game nights over a challenge of Fortnite, NITW, or Jigsaw Puzzles. We’re sure you’ll have a great time during the coronavirus lockdown.