Now, if you have been betting for some time and keep a journal of your bets, as well as your profits and return on your investment (ROI), we can use a more advanced strategy. With  you can now have the best deals present. Let’s say that in your first month you had a 5% ROI, the next month you got 12%, and last month you closed with 7%. Therefore, your average ROI is 8%. You can use the following formula to define how much to bet per game:

  • ROI / (Average odds you bet at – 1)
  • So if you bet on average odds of 1.90 it would look like this:
  • 0.08 / 0.90 = 8.89% of banking

The big problem with this method is that it is very aggressive if you bet on very low odds, or if your ROI is too high. Therefore, it may be interesting to lock in at most X percent of the bank, depending on your confidence level and the reliability of the data you have recorded in your spreadsheet.

Tips for good banking management

Finally, some general tips that will help you be a profitable long-term gambler: Make a budget. Never play more than you can. Find out about everything that happens in the sports world where you bet. See if the team will be well or will play without, where will the matches, etc. Be rational and never play with your heart.

  • Use different betting sites. The odds of an event change depending on the bookmaker. Hence, look for the best odds for the event you want to bet on.
  • In online gambling, you earn money gradually.
  • Be careful when betting on favorites. Never put too much money in a bet with a very low odds. The benefits are minimal and the losses will be high.
  • Only bet on a live match if you are following it. Only then will you know why quotas have such fluctuations and then you will have a critical view of the situation.
  • Do not try to recover everything you lost in one bet.
  • Always count on the surprise elements of events: injuries, expulsions and so on.
  • Always keep a report with your hits and misses. You will learn from mistakes.
  • Online betting will be profitable and fun if you do it rationally.

To be a good gambler, being well informed is essential. It is through this information that we can tell if a team has a real chance of winning, if they can score very few goals, if they risk ending the match with 1 less for expulsions, anyway. It is through well-informed analysis that you will make a decision as to whether or not a particular bet has value to you, i.e. whether you will bet on an event that has high odds, which is because of your knowledge rather than your own. Otherwise it will throw money away.