We often consider card games as the best way to pass time with family and friends. There are several interesting card games that one may try out during such parties and get-togethers. There are always a few friends who may not be acquainted with cards and you need to start right from the beginning explaining the game rules to such people. However, starting afresh is not always easy for the players and people find it hard to make newbies comfortable with the games. So, how exactly can you make a new player comfortable in a card game party and help him understand the game easily.

It is impossible to answer the above question for each game so let us pick a simple game like Indian Rummy and explain how you can acquaint players to this game. Read along to know:

Acquaint the Players to Cards and their Significance

Since the player is playing cards for the very first time, you cannot expect him/her to know what the different signs and numbers are and how these are used in the particular game. Your first responsibility as a person teaching the newbie about playing cards is to acquaint him with the different card signs, numbers and picture cards. You must also take time to give a general overview about these so that the player remembers what is taught to him.

Explain the Rules of the Indian Rummy Game

Once the player understands clearly what the different cards used in the game are, go ahead and explain the basic rules governing Indian Rummy card game. Here we have listed these out:

  • A player’s hand is regarded as a full hand till his life is formed.
  • A life is a combination of one natural sequence (pure sequence) and one real sequence (artificial sequence).
  • A natural sequence is made from cards of the same sign and number or picture cards in ascending or descending order. A joker cannot be used to complete the natural sequence.
  • A real sequence is made just the way a natural sequence is made with the exception that jokers can be used to complete it.
  • There are joker cards in the deck which are used as jokers. A card is randomly pulled out from the deck by the player opposite the dealer which is treated as the pulled-out joker. Some people conveniently treat blank cards also as jokers.
  • Dealer is the person distributing the cards.
  • There are different variations of rummy card games usually played and distinguished based on the number of cards used for the game. These are 10 cards rummy,13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy.

Help Them Understand the Use of Jokers in the Game

Just telling the new players what are the different jokers is not enough. You need to show them how these jokers can be used to complete sequences and sets. You must also show them how pulled out jokers may be used as jokers as well as part of natural sequence card.

Explain to them When they should Quit/Play

When rummy is played with points, one needs to know when to play and when to pass his turn. As a guide of rummy, you need to teach this to the new player. Explain to him that if the chances of completing the life anytime soon are bleak, it is best to quit the game at the very beginning without much loss of points.

Show Them How to Rearrange Sequences

Most people lose the game of rummy simply because they keep their sequences in a redundant order. Help your friend understand that one needs to continually reorder the sequences in order to reduce the points in one’s hand. Show them how it is possible to reorder once the life is formed.

Inspire Them to Practice the Game

Practice has always been the key to perfection. Inspire your friend to practice the game on Khelplay Rummy. It will help them understand the nuances of the game.