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A common disorder of many people that often occurs on hot days is a sharp drop in blood pressure, clinically known as hypotension (low blood pressure).

It is a disorder that is not particularly serious, but rather disabling. The symptoms with which it generally occurs are multiple, all easily recognizable and controllable. In most cases, low blood pressure is distinguishable from a self-diagnosis, as well as from a self-measurement and to get the blood pressure values ​​back to the optimal levels, you can follow the advice below.

However, we make it clear from the outset that if the situation does not change with the precautions we present to you, the best choice is to consult your doctor. With the iherb discount code sg this is important.

How hypotension is recognized: symptoms

As we said, the typical symptoms of low blood pressure are easily distinguished: the most frequent ones are a great tiredness and exhaustion accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Normally this therefore leads to weakness and also a bad mood, as well as restlessness caused by difficulty concentrating and blurred vision.

In the most acute cases, these situations also lead to an increase in heart and respiratory rate and a contraction of diuresis, ailments that need to be countered promptly with a little relaxation. In fact, when the heartbeat increases and the respiratory rate also increases, so as to have breathlessness, it means that the limit has been reached and it is necessary to act immediately, in order to avoid an aggravation of the situation or, in the worst case scenario, pass out with the risk of becoming serious bad. What you can do is then lie down with your back on the ground and lift your legs, undoing any tight clothing that could prevent proper blood circulation.

Beyond these sudden drops in pressure that give rise to unpleasant moments, the diagnosis is determined by measuring the pressure. There is no reference value indicating the severity of hypotension, it must be compared precisely with the symptoms. In any case, we speak of low blood pressure when the systolic blood pressure value is less than 120 mmHg and the diastolic blood pressure value is lower than 80 mmHg.

How to remedy low blood pressure naturally

Nutrition is fundamental for our health, as a famous saying goes “At the table you don’t get old” and you don’t even get sick. In fact, to combat hypotension disorders, we come across food, especially foods rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruit and green leafy vegetables, including zucchini, lettuce and spinach for example.

As for the fruit, which can be taken naturally or with smoothies or centrifuged, we recommend that the non-diuretic one, pineapple and watermelon should be avoided.

Therefore, oranges, lemons, strawberries, kiwis and cherries are fine and dried fruit and natural licorice sticks are also highly recommended, to be eaten as a snack mid-morning or afternoon. You can go for the iherb hk promo code and find the best natural medications also.


Always on the level of food we point out that allies of health in the event of a drop in pressure are iron, folic acid and vitamins B12 and C, which all contribute to strengthening the immune system and to give more energy to the body, energy that in some cases it can also come from caffeine, but especially from ginseng.