Common injuries that affect the knee and that require knee surgery

There is a wide range of conditions that can affect the knees. As one of the largest joints of the body the knees carry almost all of our body weight and are under ad great deal of strain day in and day out.

Whether we are walking, standing, or running our knees can take a pounding. Here are some common ailments knee surgeons address:

Many issues that affect the strength and use of the knee involve the joint itself. Joint disorders can range from arthritis to loss of cartilage, to dislocations.

Knee surgery is often needed to address severe injuries to the knee and is commonly seen in athletes and those who do a lot of running or who play high-impact sports.

Ligaments/ Tendons
The ligaments and tendons in the knee help hold everything in place and are vital to controlling movement and mobility.

When ligaments get stretched and tendons are torn due to an injury it can be painful and nearly impossible to move and use the knee. This damage almost always requires surgery to address properly.

Our muscles are what moves our body and there are several large muscles involved with normal knee movement and mobility.

Injuries to these muscled can result from overuse, improper movement, and impact injury. Torn muscles can heal on their own if they are minor, but a major tear may require knee surgery in the end.

The final knee injury we see among our patients is damage to the bones of the knee joint. When you have an issue where there is bone on bone rubbing or bone spurs or fractures in the knee joint the pain, stiffness, and swelling can make it impossible to move or put weight on the knee without corrective surgery and therapy.