The scare of COVID19 pandemic has forced governments to take drastic steps. Most companies have provided work from home options so that disease won’t spread further. Staying indoors and not getting too social is the need of the hour but can we as humans stay away from human contact. Staying indoors can seem quite challenging to many of us. We are used to the busy city lives and unless we find a proper distraction, it is difficult to compel ourselves to stay indoors. This is where the internet and Khelplay Rummy can be your lifesaver. Go ahead and enjoy rummy gaming on this wonderful app. Here is how you can spend time indoors while still enjoying with friends:

Challenge Friends in Rummy Circles for a Round of Rummy

If you have a rummy playing circle of friends, this is the time to make the best of online platforms like Khelplay Rummy. Go ahead and invite a rummy playing friend for a round of rummy card games. You can take a rummy break between your work from home assignments. It could be a refreshing break that helps you relax and detox. It will also help you explore your rummy gaming skills.

Participate in Rummy Tournaments Online

Khelplay Rummy is a paradise for all rummy players. It is an excellent place where you can participate in rummy tournaments. You may win actual cash prizes or even gadgets. Every season has a unique tournament for rummy fans around the world. Just playing rummy may not seem quite challenging. The rummy tournaments help to explore the competitive edge in you and also check how good you are at your favourite card game.

Try Out Different Variations of Rummy Games Online

If you just wish to pass your time, Khelplay Rummy has lots to offer. The app has multiple variations of rummy card games like 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy, 27 cards rummy, Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy and Points Rummy. You just need to select the type you wish to try and play the game online. This is a great platform to try out different variations of rummy online. You can start with practice chips and play with real chips only when you have actually mastered the game.

Share Your Experience of Rummy Gaming Online with Friends

When you have too many friends who enjoy rummy gaming online, what is the harm in sharing your experience with them? Let your friends know how exciting Khelplay Rummy is and what all options await good rummy players on the Khelplay Rummy app. Let them know why the app is so exciting for a true rummy lover. Explain to them the different types of rummy cards games you have played on this app. Let your friends know what awaits them.

Invite More Friends to Khelplay Rummy

If you come across friends who are not convinced by your words, let them go for the real experience. Send them an invite to Khelplay Rummy so that they get the rummy gaming experience first-hand. There are some benefits you enjoy too when you invite your friends to Khelplay Rummy app. Each time a friend accepts your invite, you get some added bonus points. Getting to play rummy with your beloved friend online is an added plus.

Yes, times at home can also be fun if you utilise this time properly. You may not be face to face but playing rummy online on Khelplay Rummy with your original rummy circles is no less fun. Go ahead and bring back the good old times with the Khelplay Rummy app.