Few Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Carpet in Your Home

Although, installing a carpet may appear to be a pretty easy thing to do when we watch any TV shows or when any professional from carpet installation companies install them at your home. 

However, if you try to do it yourself or hire any raw person then you realizes, after all, it is not that easy job to do. There can be many mistakes that you may end up doing. Let us now learn how we can avoid all those common mistakes that often many people may end up doing while installing carpet.



Before installing a new carpet in a home, first, allow it to get properly acclimated with your home climate. Particularly, you must allow the carpet to warm up to avoid remaining cool and stiff during installation. Then it will become easier to stretch it.


  • Failing to get the right equipment


Often many carpet replacement companies or also any DIYers do not use the proper tools that are needed for installing a new carpet after replacing the old one. As a result, it looks an eyesore after the job is done.


  • Skipping the measurements 


Measuring must be done very precisely because even a single inch difference will make a very big impact on your finished project. You may have to cut many pieces of carpet and remeasure it perfectly for ensuring the seams don’t show.


  • Not cleaning


Never forget to clean while installing your new carpet. You must clean the floor also thoroughly before you place your new carpet on the floor. You must however remember that you must wait and let the floor dry up before you start your installation work.


  • Skipping the transition


Never forget about those areas where your carpets will end and start. If you want to have a very smooth transition from your first room to the next room and the same type of flooring to your next. If you ignore transitions then your project will appear to be sloppy and unfinished.


  • Ignoring the seams


Don’t forget to glue your carpet down securely, or you may end up having curling edges, which will make your carpeting appear to be sloppy and create potential trip hazards. You must take a little time and practice with every carpet seam as this is the way you must end up.


  • Not stretching


After the carpet installation process, a power-stretcher will be needed to stretch your carpet out so that it will sit tight properly against the ground. By not using the stretching tool, often it won’t stretch tightly and then will eventually start looking loose.


  • Rushing


If you slow down your process then you can avoid small mistakes. You may take your time, take a proper measurement and verify again to do a beautiful job instead of rushing. 

You also need to get your carpet professionally cleaned periodically by selecting the right carpet cleaning companies so that the life of your carpet can be prolonged. You may find the list of such companies from the directory available on the website of Flooring Domain.