Essential oils to care for the beard

The beard is a reference to masculinity and in recent years it is an allusion to a particular lifestyle. Due to this boom there are many brands that are dedicated to manufacturing specialized products for beards and there are more and more consumers. If you are one of those who has not resisted this trend and want to know more about beard care, in a natural way, here you will know which the best essential oils for beards are so you can provide the hydration it needs.

Why use beard oils?

The oils are the best allies to keep the beard hydrated and avoid flaking, you just have to apply a base vegetable oil and then you can mix other essential oils of the scent you prefer, the most used are rosemary, cedar, mint and eucalyptus, which will not only provide a pleasant aroma, but will stimulate the growth of the beard.

How to use natural beard oils

To apply natural oils to the beard, you simply have to put 2 to 5 drops of a vegetable oil in the palm of your hand, of which you can see below, and 2 drops of the essential oil that you like the most. Wash your beard, dry it and apply the mixture, give a little massage so that the oil reaches the skin. Do it also on the mustache. Let dry and do not rinse.

These treatments can be used daily, especially if your beard is very dry, there are no restrictions on the use of natural oils in this regard. It is best to use it in the first weeks of hair growth to stimulate it and avoid redness.

Jojoba oil

Although it is known as an oil, its presentation is more like a wax and is used to repair damaged hair, so if your beard looks dry and lifeless, jojoba oil will be essential for you. Jojoba oil is one of the fats that is most similar to those produced by your skin naturally, which is essential to maintain skin elasticity and is one of the best treatment for skin with acne, since the ceramides it has, of Somehow they trick the organism so that it does not produce more sebum, that an excess of this is what causes acne. In addition, excess fat causes the hair follicle to suffocate and can cause you to lose beard hair.

Seed oil or grapeseed oil

The fatty acids and the vitamin E it contains provide a calming effect so it will prevent redness after shaving. Additionally, it is quickly absorbed and has an astringent power which will be ideal for oily skin.

One of the common problems when wearing a beard is that it can fall off easily because it is very weak, but grape seed oil strengthens beard hair, since its flavonoid content strengthens blood vessels, improving circulation in the area. It also has emollients that make it easily penetrate to the deepest areas of the skin.

Almonds oil

Almond oil is another natural oil for the beard and stands out for its moisturizing properties, so its use is essential for beards with split ends and those that are dry and dull due to the effects of the sun and humidity. Remember that the growth of the beard dries the skin causing itchiness, for this you need a deep hydration that you can find in this vegetable oil.

Argan oil

Another natural oil for the beard is argan, this is recommended especially for more mature skin, as it prevents aging due to its high content of antioxidants. The roughness of the beard is a fairly common issue, especially those that tend to be longer, argan oil will provide your beard and your skin with incredible softness. Remember to mix these vegetable oils with an essential oil, in this way you will bring freshness and a good smell to the beard.

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