Does a video security system help capture criminals?

It’s tough to put a price on protecting your belongings and having peace of mind when you leave the house and know your home is protected but what happens when a criminal decides your home is their next target?

Does a video security system really help capture criminals and deter crime?

In short, yes, they do deter crime, and they will capture criminals on the feed but it’s more complex than what you see on television. Let’s take a look at a scenario that’s more realistic.

You wake up in the morning and decide you’d like to do some shopping, so you get ready and leave your home. On your way out the door, you activate your home security system and set the alarm.

Meanwhile, you didn’t notice a car of criminals who were lurking in the area and saw you leave. As you drive away, they decide to approach your home and try to get in.

Only, you’ve set your alarm, so the alarm starts to go off. Depending on how advanced your system is, you may receive a notice on your phone alerting you of the intruders. Immediately, you call the police and have them send someone to your property.

As you await their arrival, your security system has also called your home and asked for a passcode – without it, they’ll also call local law enforcement and notify them of the incident.

Since all of this has been captured on video, you may think it’s easy to turn the footage over to local law enforcement, and they’ll have a suspect in custody in no time – much like you see on television. Though, that’s not quite reality.

If you haven’t invested in a quality video security system, the footage you captured may not have captured the criminals with high enough resolution that law enforcement can use to get a good face recognition on the criminals.

You see, the quality of your system is what will help them identify a person and ultimately capture the criminal. That’s why it’s so important you work with a professional security system and install a professional system for your home.